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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Data

There is increasing interest in data about the environmental, social and governance performance of companies. Financial information providers have responded by adding ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) data to their databases.

Bloomberg ESG coverage (click to expand)

Bloomberg ESG coverage (click to expand)

Bloomberg Professional provides data through the ESG tab in FA (Financial Analysis) – e.g. VOD LN Equity FA GO – this has sub-tabs (ESG) overview, environmental, social, governance, exec & dir comp, ESG ratios and carbon discl proj.

Bloomberg also provides information about their environmental, social and governance data through the function ESG. This includes detail of the geographic coverage of ESG data. On 27 March 2013 this was 20% globally (based on 10,315 companies), with 17.9% (341 companies) for the UK (see screenshot)

Datastream Extranet ASSET4 ESG (click to expand)

Datastream Extranet ASSET4 ESG (click to expand)

Thomson Reuters Datastream ESG variables appear under the heading ESG – ASSET4 in the Datastream Navigator. The main sections are corporate governance (Datastream datatypes start CG) social (SO), environmental (EN), and economic (EC).

For information about the coverage in Datastream select  ASSET4 ESG in the Data Information section on the left of the Thomson Reuters Datastream Extranet (see screenshot). From here you can download several useful spreadsheets – the data glossary gives details of all the ASSET4 ESG variables, and the company ESG profile gives details of the ASSET4 Universe (companies covered) and sample data for a selected company (Datastream installation required for updating results for selected company.)

The spreadsheet of ASSET4 Universe indicates a total of 3895 companies covered, with 376 having “United Kingdom” as their country of domicile. Datastream datatype A4ID will return the ASSET4 id for a company if it is covered, N/A (not available) or blank if the company is not covered.



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