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Facebook valuation (and evaluating a blog post)

The recent blog post Market Mood Swings: Facebook Euphoria shows that company valuation is not just about getting the data values and plugging them into an equation – it is also about judgement.

This is the most recent of several posts that provide an interesting commentary on how the markets have priced Facebook since its IPO.


How to evaluate websites (University of Manchester) (click to expand)

Evaluating this blog post

We can use this post as an example for the University of Manchester’s recently updated advice on “How to evaluate websites?”

What was the blog created for?

Personal blog on blogspot.co.uk – created by Awsath Damodaran a Professor of Finance at the Stern School of Business at New York University

Why was the blog created?

To disseminate Awsath Damodaran’s “not so profound thoughts about valuation, corporate finance and the news of the day!”

When was the blog last updated?

31 July 2013 (on 17 August 2013)

Who owns the blog and who posts to it?

Aswath Damodaran

fbstockpriceWhere has the content come from?

The content has come from Aswath Damodaran’s professional expertise and business news.

How was the data collected?

The data has been collected from online financial information websites, business news and Aswath Damodaran’s own website http://www.damodaran.com/

It is not very surprising that the indications are that this post will provide information from a timely, relatively unbiased, academic perspective. It is not providing a valuation of Facebook to persuade you to buy or sell the stock or subscribe to a commercial information and/or trading system.

For another example of evaluating a website see Is that website any good? (University of Manchester online LibGuides)

Other valuations of Facebook – try analysts’ reports.

Analysts’ reports on Thomson Research

Company Financial Analysis (Global Companies)

Researching A Global Company using Bloomberg – in 15 mins

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