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UK companies – searching with Fame

A researcher asks to “identify UK companies that have successfully entered international markets within 3 years of setting up”. There is no database that will give a direct answer to this, like so many interesting questions from researchers, but we can use Fame to get an approximate answer,

FAME, from Bureau van Dijk, covers UK public and private companies and has a very good search interface for selecting companies.

The first simplification is to look one year at a time – companies with an incorporation data in 2009 that have an overseas turnover in 2012.

Scanning the results there were some companies created as international companies – for example Essar Energy PLC was incorporated as a UK company in December 2009 but most of its turnover was overseas from the first year.

This led to a refined search for companies that also did not have any overseas turnover in 2010.


The Fame search in the screenshot above is:

(Incorporation date in 2009) AND (Overseas turnover >= £10,000 in 2012) AND (Overseas turnover < £10,000 in 2010)

Obviously, to cover a greater time period you need to repeat this search for several years, and the history available is limited as Fame has the most recent 10 years of accounts.

A researcher might choose to vary the choice of £10,000 overseas turnover as an indication of successful entry into international markets, or change the Fame default of only searching current active companies.

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