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Researching Researchers

You hear about the book Initial Public Offerings: The mechanics and performance of IPOs and decide that you want to know more about the research of the author Prof. Arif Khurshed, Manchester Business School, University of Manchester.

You could look at Prof. Khurshed’s Manchester Business School academic profile, or his University of Manchester research profile.

You could also do a search in the University of Manchester institutional repository eScholar.

There are a number of advantages to using eScholar.

  1. more options for refining your search
  2. links to get more details on Arif Khurshed’s publications
  3. recent theses that he has supervised.

The main disadvantage to Manchester eScholar is that it is a relatively new service, officially launched in April 2009, so may have limited information on publications before this date.

An alternative approach is to look up an academic’s publications in a citation database such as Scopus or Web of Knowledge (aka Web of Science)

After reading the MBS news Gary Davies takes Tesco Professorship you could lookup Prof. Davies academic publications in Scopus.

Goto Scopus

Perform an author search – surname Davies and organisation Manchester Business School

Select the link to see all the author’s documents in Scopus

(You might want to refine your search – for example, affiliation Manchester Business School OR University of Manchester )

One popular feature of Scopus is that you can order results in terms of “Cited by” so you can start your browsing with those articles that are most cited (by other papers within Scopus). Remember that this will be biased in terms of older articles that have had longer to be cited.

Scopus documents by Gary Davies (click to expand)

Scopus documents by Gary Davies (click to expand)

When you find someone of particular relevance to your research area then you might want to investigate keeping up to date services.

Obviously if you are researching an academic researcher not at the University of Manchester then you will have to look for their institutional repository, which may vary in some features from Manchester eScholar.

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