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Analysts’ reports on Thomson ONE.com

Thomson ONE.com (or T1.com) is Thomson Reuters replacement product for Thomson One Banker.  Thomson Reuters It provides relatively easy access to analysts’ reports on public (quoted) companies through its Research tab (in Company Views).

You can also search for analysts’ reports using  Screening & Analysis -> Research -> Research Search. This search screen is similar to one available through the older product Thomson Research.

Select your company using the boxes at the top left and then the Research tab. Do not worry that the heading says Company Research – Embargoed – the University of Manchester subscription does include these reports. When you see the price given as Subscription this is because our subscription for personal non-commercial use is a fixed fee – others pay per page for these reports.

If you get nothing the most common problem is browser compatability – see details below.

Thomson ONE research report search (click to enlarge)

Thomson ONE research report search (click to enlarge)

The number of analysts’ reports will vary significantly from company to company. For the year to 22 Jan 2014, Apple (AAPL-US) had 877 reports, Tesco (TSCO-LN) had 203, and Castings (CGS-LN) only 15 reports.

There are two types of reports:

1) Investment bank analysts’ reports (broker’s reports) from JPMORGAN, DEUTSCHE BANK RESEARCH, BARCLAYS etc. These are typically short reports with the analysts’ latest update of their Target Price or Earnings Per Share (EPS) forecast and explanatory background information.

2) Company analysts’ reports from MARKETLINE (DATAMONITOR), GLOBALDATA, ‘MORNINGSTAR, INC’ etc. These are longer reports with more information about the company, for example GLOBALDATA usually includes a SWOT analysis, but no specific target price or EPS forecast.

You can use the search options on the number of pages, contributor and date to refine your search. If you need more options there is an Advanced Research Page link at the top right – (similar to  the older  Thomson Research search page)

There is a Thomson ONE guide in the databases section of the business and management guides page (LibGuides)

Browser problems with Thomson ONE.com

Thomson ONE.com (or T1.com) is sensitive to your browser. Like other Thomson Reuters products it only works with Internet Explorer (IE). Further it only works with IE versions 7,8, and 9. For more recent versions you have to run IE in compatability mode. Once you have a compatable browser you have to make sure that it allows popups from amr.thomsonone.com – without this it will fail when you try to download a report forcing you to restart your search. For more detail see Thomson ONE.com – browser compatibility (posted March 2014)

Most posts tagged Thomson Research will also be relevant to research reports on Thomnson ONE.com

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