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Weather data on Bloomberg

The variety of information available on Bloomberg Professional continues to surprise. The Bloomberg function WETR (Global Weather Database) provides a large amount of worldwide historical weather data.

The screenshot below shows that weekly mean temperature for London between February 1 2009 and February 23 2014.

London mean temperature (click to expand)

London mean temperature (click to expand)

Weather information is of great interest to commodities traders (oil, gas, wheat, etc.) so perhaps I should have expected it to be available on Bloomberg. In addition to WETR, there are a range of other weather functions including  BMAP (Hurrican Mapping), SNOW (US Snow Monitor) , USDM (US Drought Monitor) and EUMM  (EU Weather & Utility Models).

“EUMM consolidates Bloomberg’s proprietary supply and demand modeling for European gas and power markets, as well as the high-speed, market-moving weather data which drive them, so you can make more accurate trading decisions.” (Bloomberg, 2014)

Sources of free weather data (historical)

You might think that historical weather data would be free and easily accessible on the web, but my searching suggests otherwise.


Bloomberg. (2014) “EUMM help”, Bloomberg Professional. [Online]. Available at: Bloomberg Subscription Service (Accessed: 5 March 2014)

  1. 20 December 2016 at 7:59 pm

    The free historical data is out there. But if you want it you have to dig and be prepared to spend hours of your own painstaking research to build your own database.

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