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Bloomberg help changes

Bloomberg help screen (click to expand)

Bloomberg help screen (click to expand)

<HELP> X 2 – press the help key twice – to start a live instant message (IM)  session with the Bloomberg helpdesk. This has been such a core part of the help available on Bloomberg Professional that it is a surprise to see it change.

<HELP> X 2 – now gives a screen that describes various ways of exploring Bloomberg’s online help and, at the foot, a link to “submit a question to the Bloomberg Help Desk and receive a response in one business day”

A number of academic Bloomberg subscribers have reported this change. However, there is no mention of it as a recent update so may not apply to all Bloomberg users. (Further evidence for this is that there are frequent references to the live help on Bloomberg.)

Bloomberg email help form (click to expand)

Bloomberg email help form (click to expand)

Following the Bloomberg Help Desk link you get a form that is very similar to the old IM form for live help. The differences include the email address field and the clear statement that the email response will be “by the next business day”.

When you submit you get a reference number.

The email query facility works. I submitted a question around 10:00am and got a response about 3 hours later.

The email reply does contain a paragraph that suggests this new procedure for contacting the Bloomberg help desk has not been thought through.

This response from the Bloomberg Help Desk has been forwarded to your external email address at your request. Please do not respond to this email. For a full log of this and other inquiries please login to the Bloomberg and run HDSK<GO> or for further assistance press the <HELP> key twice and reference H#47…

To get clarification of the reply to my question I follow this – as described above when I press the <HELP> key twice I have to email my query to the Bloomberg Help Desk (and get another reference number).

Posts in praise of the old live help service:

Help! Help Help! and CHEAT: Getting Assistance on Bloomberg (datapoints blog, October 2013)

Bloomberg… real time information on just about everything (Judge Business School Library blog, March 2014)


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