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Historical utility futures data

BloombergBloomberg provides current and historical futures prices for European utilities commodities. In this example, we will look at Nordic electricity (Nordpool) historical prices, looking ahead one week, from August 2013 for one year. We will focus on two Bloomberg functions: Forward European Utility Markets (EUM<GO>) and Commodity Futures Overview (CMBQ<GO>).

Method 1: European utilities

From the Bloomberg command line, type EUM<GO> (that is, the letters EUM followed by the Enter/Return key) to cal up the Forward European Utility Markets screen. You will see an overview of the latest prices for the most common power, gas and other utilities markets in Europe. In the red menu bar, click on 1) Markets > Power > Nordic Power (Nord Pool). This will change the display to one like the image shown below.

Forward European Utilities Markets: Nordic power (blurred)

Forward European Utilities Markets: Nordic power (data blurred for security)

You can change the currency in the labelled orange box; type NOK to change to Norwegian Krone. The first row of data is for 1 week ahead, with the ticker NEL1W Comdty. Right-click this to get options to find out more about this ticker, such as DES – Description. Instead, choose GP – Historical Price Graph to get straight to the chart. This will load up a child window with the price chart for that commodity. From here, you can treat it like any other chart in Bloomberg, such as editing the date range to 08/01/2013-08/01/2014, and the currency to NOK. You can access the data that was used to generate the chart by clicking in the red menu 37) Edit > Copy Data to Clipboard.

Now you know the ticker, you could come straight to this chart with the command NEL1W <F9> GP <GO> (using the F9 key on the keyboard labelled CMDTY).

Bloomberg Nordic power future chart

Historical price graph of commodities future data for Nordic electricity (blurred numbers)

Method 2: Global commodities

There is an alternative route to this ticker. Enter the command CMBQ<GO> and you will be presented with a screen showing and overview of global commodities futures. Click on the red menu 90) Market > Energy > Nordpool Custom Quote to filter the display to Nordic electricity.

Commodity Futures Overview Nordpool (blurred)

Commodity Futures Overview for Nordpool (data is blurred)

This time, you will see a different summary of more kinds of information about that commodity and related items, including futures prices for Baseload and Peakload; before we just saw Baseload but had more choice of the different look ahead periods. You can right-click on the W1 ticker on the first row of price data to get to some of the same options as before, such as DES – Description. From there, you could find the price graph.

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