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ThomsonONE.com has replaced Thomson ONE Banker


Example screen of ThomsonONE.com

As you may or may not be aware, Thomson ONE Banker (the service platform for company data) is no longer supported by Thomson Reuters. We have been running Thomson Reuters’ new service platform ThomsonONE.com, in parallel with Thomson ONE Banker, for over a year now. This is a necessary transition arrangement as staff and students require training and adjustment in the new ThomsonONE.com.

Recently, we have received feedback from our users that keeping the both Thomson ONE Banker and ThomsonONE.com in the Library’s Database list is rather confusing. We have reviewed Thomson ONE Banker again and have found the platform tired looking and slow performing. With advice from academic staff in Manchester Business School, we have therefore decided to withdraw Thomson ONE Banker from the Library’s Database list from 1 May, 2015.

Thomson ONE Guide

A short hand-out guide is available for those new to ThomsonONE.com. Please visit Getting Started Guides in the Library’s Business and Management Subject Guide pages.

Please note, ThomsonONE.com requires Internet Explorer 9. If you are using IE 10 or later, you must use Compatibility View. See our earlier post Thomson ONE.com Browser Compatibility for more details.

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