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The new and improved Bloomberg keyboard has landed

Bloomberg keyboard 4 UK

Bloomberg keyboard model 4 “Starboard” (UK layout)

The keyboards in the Bloomberg Suite at The University of Manchester Library have been upgraded.

The new keyboards, called “Starboard” by Bloomberg, are lighter and quieter to use, with the full-size layout of numeric keypad, cursor keys and bank of keys above the numeric pad.

The extra row of keys across the top are mostly the same, as are the colours. The main differences that may affect you are as follows.

  • The F1 function is now “Help” instead of “Law”. Previously, the Help key was just above the F1 key.
  • The “End/Back” key is now better labelled; previously, it was labelled “End/Menu” and users often did not know that pressing it was the easiest way to go back one screen.
  • There is a built-in microphone as well as speakers, and the headphone socket on the rear also accepts the single plug headphones and microphone layout common to mobile phone earphones (including the iPhone remote). We request users consider others in the room when using these features.
  • The volume keys are on the top-right above the numeric pad. The microphone on/off key lights up when the microphone is active.

Let us know if you have any comments about these new keyboards. I hope you enjoy using them.

See also: Bloomberg Professional documentation website

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