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Finding country-specific information

Your research may point you towards country-specific information, including country profiles and Gross Domestic Product (GDP).  Here is some guidance on sources.


OECD Key Short Term Indictors – GDP
The World Bank’s World Development Indicators and select GDP.

Passport from Euromonitor – select Countries & Consumers; Economy, Finance and Trade.

Datastream – Economics, key indicators by country (or List M#GDPX)

For UK, go to HM Treasury GDP Deflators or search GOV.UK Statistics.

For US, go to U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Economic Analysis National Economic Accounts

Additional country profile information:

IHS Connect: Go to Customer Login menu, choose IHS Connect.  Under Geography, choose Country Profile.

Passport from Euromonitor – search for Country Profile.

Business Source Premier from EuroMonitor.

CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) The World Fact Book.

Michigan State University (MSU) globalEDGE.

See also the University of Manchester LibGuide on Business and Management, which has a section on databases for countries and regions.

See also this post from January 2014 on UK GDP on Bloomberg and Datastream.

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