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Historical stock prices

There are several possible sources; see The University of Manchester Library’s Share Price Information Guide.

Subscription specialist financial databases

ThomsonONE.com (online, mainly active companies):

  1. In the yellow top-left area Symbol/Name, search for the company by name or ticker.
  2. In the main horizontal menu, choose Company Views > Price Chart.
  3. Specify the desired time period and frequency. Add any other criteria such as another company or index.
  4. Click Go to redraw the chart.
  5. To download the data, click the Excel icon at the top.
  6. Alternatively, you can use the Thomson Reuters Spreadsheet Link Excel add-in, available at the Library Finance Zone.


  • Time series request, default datatype for equities(stocks) P(adjusted closing price), others e.g. UP (unadjusted price) also available.


  1. Select company: search by name and select or type company Bloomberg ticker and hit EQUITY key (e.g. MSFT US [EQUITY] for Microsoft).
  2. Type HP and hit Go for Historical Prices.
  3. OR type GP and hit Go for Graph Prices and then copy and paste data into Excel.

Global Financial Database

Market specific sources

  • CRSP for US stocks, available through WRDS
  • LSPD (London Share Price Database) monthly prices for London Stock Exchange

Online sources

Often only active companies and less flexible than subscription databases.

  • Yahoo Finance Enter your stock symbol and select historical prices

Further Information

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