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A quick look at local and world market indices in Datastream

With a wealth of information and functions available, it is easy to miss a few potentially useful commands in Thomson Reuters Datastream. Here are some examples relating to local equity indices and global ones. (This post assumes you are familiar with the basics of Datastream; please see the getting started guides or other posts for more.)

Local market index (LI and INDXL)

Datastream Local Market Index

Some examples of using the datatypes LI and INDXL.

Given a list of companies (equities), it is possible to get time series data for the index which each company is listed on locally, specifically the price index (PI). The data type Local Market Index (LI) (green box in the image above) acts as a short cut to the following process for the equities Tesco PLC (TSCO) and Apple Inc (@AAPL).

  • Identify the entity’s local index through the static datatype Assoc Market Index – Local (INDXL) (see the orange box in the image above).
  • For each index, select the Price Index (PI) for the date range required (see the blue box above).

Care should be taken with using the datatype Assoc Market Index – Local; see this excellent summary on the EDSC blog.

World Market Index (TOTMKWD and others)

On a related but different note, it is possible to use many international and global equity indices that have been constructed in Datastream. One such index is the top level World-Datastream Market (TOTMKWD), covering over 6,000 active constituent entities.

World-Datastream Market in the Navigator

“World-Datastream Market” in the Navigator

There is a systematic set of codes for various countries, blocs and combinations, for all or selected sectors. They are also findable in the Navigator (see image above) and usable as any other Equity Index. The first five characters represent the sector, the last two digits represent part of the world, so you could use combinations such as the following.

  • For the World market index at level 1 use: TOTMKWD
  • For the French financials industry index at level 2 use: FINANFR
  • For the Europe banks sector at level 6 use: BANKSER

For full details, go to the Datastream Extranet (via the Datastream Desktop application) and search for “Global Equity Indices User Guide”.

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