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WRDS website and access (updated October 2015)

(This post is a new version of WRDS website and access, July 2010)

WRDS (Wharton Research Data Service) is not really a database itself. It is a system designed to give researchers access to a range of financial databases (CRSP, Compustat, CCM, Compustat Execucomp, LSPD) though a common interface, and with integrated support.

Access to WRDS is via a username and password. Some taught modules provide students with a “class account” (such as Advanced Empirical Finance). MSc students, PhD students and academic staff can apply for their own username and password by following the instructions below. (Choosing the account type as PhD or Faculty provides extra capabilities for running SAS programs on the WRDS system.)

WRDS homepage 2015

Creating a WRDS account (postgraduate students)

For instructions to apply for your own username and password, please see the following guide.

  1. Go to WRDS start page.
  2. Under the login boxes, click on link Register for a WRDS Account.
  3. Fill in the details as follows:
    1. Institution: University of Manchester
    2. Affiliation With Institution: Masters Student | Ph.D. Student
    3. First Name: your first name
    4. Last Name: your last name
    5. Email: must be your University email address
    6. Department: your school and division name
    7. Desired Username: University username mxxxxxxx is recommended
    8. When Do You Expect Your Degree?: End date from your library card
  4. Press Submit.
  5. An email will be sent to our library admin staff who should activate your account within 24 hours.
  6. You will receive an email explaining that your account has been activated. It will include a default password that you can change.

Creating a WRDS account (staff)

In Step 3.2 Affiliation With Institution, choose Faculty, Staff (IT/Librarian) or Research Assistant. If you are a ‘Research Assistant’, please also provide the name and email address of your supervisor. Lecturers and professors should choose ‘Faculty’; PSS, Library and IT staff should choose ‘Staff’.

Creating a WRDS account (undergraduate students)

In order for undergraduate students to have access to WRDS, a ‘Class’ account must be created by a lecturer for the subject your are undertaking. Ask your lecturer if you think you need this; they will need to follow the same steps as above except choose ‘Class’ in Step 3.2 and provide the course code.




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