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Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC)

The recently introduced Bloomberg Market Concepts course provides an introductory guide to Finance.

For those educational institutions that have Bloomberg Professional, this is free to students when they complete the course at a Bloomberg terminal, which would otherwise be charged for, when taken online. Bloomberg terminals are available within the The University of Manchester Library service and therefore BMC is free for University of Manchester students (and staff) here.


Course Overview

To begin, a BMC account has to be created. This is achieved by entering the function code BMC on the command line, at the top left of the screen, pressing the ‘Enter/Go’ key and then selecting ‘Sign Up’.

BMC Function 'Sign Up'

BMC function page with ‘Sign Up’ option highlighted.


BMC covers 4 modules: Economic Indicators, Currencies, Fixed Income and Equities. These are also divided into sub-modules. For example, ‘Primacy of GDP’ is within the Economic Indicators module.

BMC Modules

BMC home page (when logged in).


Timing and Assessment

The course is self-paced and typically takes around 8 to 10 hours of individual study at a Bloomberg terminal. Minimum progress at one sitting is an individual sub-module. Modules have varying content, so will not have uniform completion times.

Within each module there are assessment questions which have to be competed before progressing further and also before moving on to the next module.


Student Benefits and Certificate of Completion

In completing the course, students gain a wider familiarity with Bloomberg, covering over 70 functions. This represents an opportunity to improve technical knowledge and experience using a leading financial service, thus boosting their employability. This improved competence benefits research performance in locating data and business news content to complete assignments.

Unlike Bloomberg Essentials Training Program (commonly known as ‘Bloomberg Certification’) where there are examinations with a specific pass mark, BMC doesn’t have this. Percentage scores for modules and for the course overall are included on a student’s BMC account (valid for 12 months) but not on the certificate, which displays name and date of completion.

On completing all modules, click on the ‘Certificate’ option from the BMC home page to obtain a PDF copy to print and/or save.

BMC Certificate

BMC home page with ‘Certificate’ option highlighted (when logged in).


Further Details

Within the BMC function screen (not logged in), there is an FAQ link on the left hand menu.

It is also possible to visit the Bloomberg Institute web site.

Bloomberg Institute

Bloomberg Institute web site – for further details on Bloomberg Market Concepts.


Bloomberg Professional is a financial data and news service available to current students and staff of The University of Manchester. Training and support is provided by the Business Data Service, part of the Research Services Division within The University of Manchester Library service.


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