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Company Results by Geographical Location

The ability to locate results by geographical location can be troublesome when having to consult multiple copies of a company’s Annual Report & Accounts.


Using a business database can make this task quicker and easier.


Thomson ONE.com

To get the best out of this database, it is useful to know that it is designed to work with the Internet Explorer browser.

In addition, it is advisable to select ‘Compatibility View Settings’ from the tools menu (represented by the ‘cog’ icon, then ‘Add’ and ‘Close’) to ensure all options display correctly.


T1 Tools - Compatibility View Settings


Company Search


Type in the company name in the search box at the top left of the screen and select:

T1 Tesco (Company Search)


Next, click on ‘Full Summary’ from the Company Overview screen.


T1 TEsco - Full Summary


From the Financial Reports page displayed, it is possible to reveal more search options by selecting the small icon towards the upper right of the screen.


Search Selections


T1 Geog Breakdown Tesco

With the ‘Summary’ tab selected at the top of the search screen, the Report categories available include Annual Key Items, Interim Key Items, Interim Key Items TTM, Business Segment and Geographic Segment.

For ‘Geographic Segment’ this means that data (‘Measure’ options: Sales, Assets, Capital Expenditure, Depreciation and Operating Income) are available for those areas in which results are reported, for a given year. In the case of Tesco PLC for Fiscal Period 2015* above (looking at data for the 12 months to 28 February 2015, displayed in US date format: 02/28/2015), this includes the UK, Asia and Rest of Europe.

Repeat the process for each year by selecting a new year and clicking on the ‘OK’ button to display data.


Whole Company Results – Multiple Years


For individual financial statements, select the appropriate tab at the top of the screen. These include Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow Statement, with (Report type ‘Annual’ showing) data for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or All years.

T1 Tesco Income St Multiple Years


Data Definitions


Clicking on the small square icon at the end of an item in the financial statement being viewed will provide a pop-up window with a definition. For example, in the Income Statement for Tesco PLC above, ‘Operating Income’ is defined.

*Fiscal Period:  the period a company uses for accounting purposes – reporting results. In the case of Tesco PLC, March to the end of February.


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