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Datastream – Dead Companies

With the loss of the ‘Criteria’ screen within the Navigator search function in Datastream  (5.1 and Advance for Office versions), the area of ‘Dead’ companies is relevant when searching for historical financial data.


Dead Companies [Equities]

Starting the Navigator feature and entering ‘Dead’ as a search term produces a total of 151,626 companies matching this status.


Datastream - Dead (Equities)

Datastream: Navigator search (via the ‘Find Series’ button).



When A Company Is Acquired (Taken Over)

The following is an example using ‘CNS Inc.’ (consumer health care products), which was quoted within the US NASDAQ price index between June 1987 and December 2006 . It was acquired by GlaxoSmithKline in December 2006 and didn’t continue to trade using the CNS name.

Searching within the Navigator for CNS doesn’t locate the company:


Datastream (CNS Search)

Datastream Navigator Search for ‘CNS Inc.’.



However, when the search is repeated and ‘dead’ is also included, it does locate the company:


Datastream (CNS and Dead)

Clicking on the company pins the entry and displays additional details, such as the dates it was quoted between (11/06/1987 to 19/12/2006)



When A Company Delists

That is, change from public (quoted) company status to private.

The ASDA food retailing group is such an example. It was acquired by Wal-Mart Inc. in 1999, but continues to trade using the ASDA name.

Searching for ASDA in the Navigator locates the company:


Datastream (Dead - Asda Search)

ASDA Group: background information.


Again by clicking on the company entry, additional details are displayed. Noting the dates between which Asda has data available in Datastream (30/12/1964 to 30/09/1999) allows a search to be conducted within these dates. For example, when looking for the Share Price (P: Price Adjusted Default datatype).

Time Series Data, 01/01/1995 to 31/12/1997, Daily Frequency and ‘Run Now!’.


Datastream (Dead - Asda Share Price)

This search successfully locates ASDA share price data.




A useful datatype when searching for multiple ‘Dead’ companies in relation to Share Price data, is ‘P#T’. This ensures that data doesn’t continue displaying past the end date, when a company becomes ‘Dead’.

Previous related post: Datastream – Price variables: P, P#S, P#T   which dates from 13 April 2012.


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