Business Research Plus is a research blog with two main goals.

Firstly, it is a research tool designed to provide students and staff at the Manchester Business School and The University of Manchester with specialist advice and support.  It provides advice and guidance on the comprehensive range of business and management resources available to them.  It also intends to maximise their use of these resources through the provision of expert informed comment and research assistance from library staff.  The library team supports the research and teaching needs of one of the world’s leading business schools and is part of The University of Manchester Library (formerly the John Rylands University Library), one of the UK’s five National Research Libraries.  The team is therefore uniquely placed to add real value to student and faculty research needs.  This blog is one of our growing range of services.

Secondly, it is acts as both a resource tool and forum for business researchers and business information professionals across the globe.  It encourages debate, generating ideas and discussion on the full range of business information provision and the support of business research.

To meet both these goals, questions and points for discussion from faculty and students are welcome, as indeed are comments and contributions from researchers in other institutions and fellow business librarians from all over the world.

Finally, this blog is related to Library Research Plus which provides expert analysis and opinion on a broader ranger of research topics including Citation Services, Open Access and Research Data Management from the Research Services team at The University of Manchester Library.

We look forward to your contributions and debate.


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