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Getting started with SDC Platinum: videos from Thomson Reuters

21 March 2016 Leave a comment
Screenshot of SDC training video from Thomson Reuters

Screenshot of SDC getting started video from Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters provide a series of screencast “getting started” training sessions for their products. In the past, we have highlighted these for Datastream and Thomson ONE. Today, it is the turn of SDC Platinum.

This course covers the following topics:

  • Introduction (1:13)
  • Setting up Your Search Criteria (5:05)
  • Output Your Search Results as a League Table (2:17)
  • Output Your Results as a Report (1:47)
  • Output Your Results as an Analysis (2:27)
  • Saving and Printing Your Output (1:21)
  • Accessing the Standard Search Sessions (2:46)
  • Defining Your Search Criteria Using a Standard Search (3:21)
  • Editing an Existing League Table, Report, or Analysis (4:04)
  • Creating a Custom Report (3:08)
  • Creating a Custom Analysis (3:01)
  • Change Your Default Output to Excel (0:55)
  • Accessing SDC Customer Support (1:43)

You will need to use your University email address when you start the SDC getting started session.

Google scholar – Find It via UML

2 October 2012 1 comment

Google scholar is a useful resource for finding books and articles. On campus PCs are configured so that it provides Find It via UML links. Off campus you can configure Google scholar to include these links.

Google Scholar – Find It via UML (click to enlarge)

Configuring Google Scholar

  1. Select the Scholar Settings link at the top right of
  2. In the Library Links section, find the University of Manchester library
  3. Click the Save Preferences button at the foot of the page.

Video demo of setting Google Scholar preferences –


The Find It via UML links do not give you direct access to online articles. You still need to authenticate yourself as a member of the University to access the full text.

How can I check a journal’s availability through the library?

Other e-journal related questions on the FAQ

For those interested in the details, adding the library preference to Google scholar means that it checks the library’s “link resolver” for items in the search results and adds a link where appropriate.

US company data on WRDS

7 March 2012 1 comment

WRDS (Wharton Research Data Services) is used by researchers worldwide to get financial and accounting data, especially on US companies. WRDS gives access to the respected CRSP and Compustat NA (North America) databases. It also provides a web interface to make it as easy as possible for researchers to download the data they require. and there is help available from other researchers. See About WRDS for more detail.

Example screencast videos of getting data using WRDS:

Note: The University of Manchester does not subscribe to all the databases available through WRDS -See  FAQ answer on WRDS subscription.

Earlier WRDS post (March 2011) – for full list of WRDS-related post use the tag cloud on the right-hand side.

There is lots of help available when using WRDS: try the “e-learning” and “support” tabs.

Apple users have reported problems with .xls result files. An alternative is to select the .csv (comma separated variables) format. This can be easily imported into Excel. You don’t get the nice .xls formatting but the data is the same.

Analysts’ reports on Thomson Research

31 January 2012 6 comments

Analysts’ reports (brokers’ reports) are written by respected analysts within investment banks, brokerage houses and consulting firms worldwide for their clients.

Current University of Manchester staff and students have access to an extensive analysts’ reports collection through Thomson Research (the collection was previously called Investext).

(Update March 2014, also now through Thomson – see Analysts’ reports on Thomson )

Thomson Research company lookup (click to expand)

Analysts write their reports for clients who are mostly interested in companies as an investment opportunity so they cover public (quoted) companies and there will be more reports for larger companies. Reports vary from short buy/hold/sell recommendations to longer detailed analysis of company strategies.

For further information on Thomson Research:

Get to Know TED in 2012.

5 January 2012 2 comments

As part of our commitment to supporting you with all your research needs, over the last few months we’ve been recommending some useful business research apps for you to download to your mobile devices, some of which are for accessing our databases and some which are for useful external sources.

We thought we’d start 2012 by introducing you to TED. This app is a real favourite for discerning tablet users throughout the world. It brings a diverse range of interesting lectures from people that are at the top of their game together in one place and the subject matter is truly diverse.

The app allows you to stream a whole host of TED talks in video or audio format. Features include browse and share which brings up the latest TED Talks videos as soon as they’re published; and all this can be browsed in the TED library by theme, tag or rating.

There is also a playlist function called “Inspire Me”, which can build a tailored TED Talk list for you to listen to, just tell the app what kind of lecture you’re after and it’ll pluck out some likely candidates. All the lectures can be shared on Facebook, Twitter and by email.

There are two new additions to the app as well: a bookmarks tab enables listeners to save talks for later, whilst the TED radio brings a station full to the brim with TED Talk audio 24/7. Even better is that it will work when the app is closed down.

In practice the app works extremely well, with a clear and intuitive user-face combined with some great content. This app is a must for anyone interested in the world around them, and it’s free to download!

To access simply download the free app from your App provider.

Remember if you’re using an iPad make certain to add the MBS Library Service  page to your Home Screen for easy access to all the Resources we have to offer you for your research. Simply open our page then tap the arrow in a box symbol next to the top URL line and then select “Add to Home Screen”. You can even edit the name of the Web Icon, after you’ve done this – tap the “Add” button.

Access library resources online (e-resources)

22 December 2011 Leave a comment

The physical libraries are closed over the festive period (re-open 3rd Jan 2012). However, you can still access the e-resources.

e-booksE-books are available via the library catalogue. Screencast of e-book access – (e-book access off-campus)

E-journal articles are available from the journals databases in the usual way.

Other help for accessing e-resources off-campus:

 From all at the MBS library service.Happy Holidays

Whether or not you will be using the online resources during the holiday period.

Thomson Research tips

28 October 2011 2 comments

Researching a public (quoted) company – whether for a research project or a job interview – you should look at Thomson Research.

Thomson Research is an excellent resource for analysts’ research reports, overview reports and company filings (e.g. annual reports).

When you login using the special database username and password you should get a screen with 4 tabs (Overview, Documents, Research and Tools).

Thomson Research

Thomson Research (IE browser)

The Overview tab will give you summary reports for a company and its latest filings.

The Research tab gives access to analysts’ reports – often financial brokers/analysts who follow a company produce a report on a regular basis. (The analysts’ reports collection in Thomson Research was previously branded Investext).


1) Thomsom Research requires care when looking for a company by name. For example, “Tate & Lyle” or just “Tate &” will be ok, but “Tate”, “Tate Lyle” or “Tate and Lyle” will all give you no matches. Example video screencast –

2) Thomson Research only works with the Internet Explorer (IE) browser. You will not get an error message if you try to use Firefox, Chrome, Safari … just blank pages or sections of pages. Recently we have observed a small problem with IE version 7 – the drop down list for “Report Date” sometimes does not work so you are stuck with the default of “Last 2 Years”. (see also Thomson Research only fully works with IE  )

3) Get our database guide on Thomson Research from the How to research guides page, and browse other posts tagged Thomson Research.


Analysts reports do not fall neatly into a standard format for referencing. Who is playing the role of publisher? The company the authors work for, since they will have given the report to their clients, or Thomson Reuters, since the report came from their investment report collection. Make sure that your reference has enough detail that readers can see where it came from and confirm if they had retrieved the identical report. For example:

Meltz, M. A., Lewis, D. & Lovell, N. (2009). [J.P. Morgan report on] The McGraw-Hill Companies – 07 Dec 2009. Thomson Research Investment Research Collection Rpt. 15613728  [Online]. Available from: Thomson Research – [Accessed 05 Jan. 2010].

Access Harvard Business Review off-campus

12 October 2011 2 comments

The journal Harvard Business Review (HBR) is available to University of Manchester students and staff as an e-journal and you can access it off-campus.

To access a HBR article you need to do two things: first, find out which journal database(s) has full-text access to HBR, and second authenticate yourself as a member of the University of Manchester.

The simplest way to find the journal database for HBR is to use the electronic journals A-Z  list.

The e-journals A-Z list will include the link to the journal database and information on how to logon. For Harvard Business Review it gives

Business Source Premier  1922 to present
University central usename required off-campusUniversity central username and password required off-campus
(Select Shibboleth Login)
Business Source Premier - login

BSP (EBSCO) login – click to enlarge

For Harvard Business Review we select the Business Source Premier (BSP) link. If you are off-campus this takes you to a login page as you need to authenticate yourself.

  1. Select Shibboleth Login (not the most obvious choice we admit)
  2. Select UK Higher Education as Region or group
  3. Select University of Manchester as school or institution
  4. At University of Manchester Central Authentication Service – use your username and password (See what this looks like New Look for Central Authentication Service )

That is the authentication part done. Now you can use the rest of the article reference (year, volume, issue,  page no. etc.) to select the specific article. Once you have found the article, the PDF Full Text  link  is the one to download it.

Screencast video demo – accessing HBR off-campus –


Authentication can vary. If you have already authenticated then your browser may have cached the details so that you don’t need to provide them again. If you are running VPN then your authentication is by your PC being part of the virtual network.

The steps are basically the same for accessing other e-journals. The authentication varies slightly with different journal databases,

Related “Business Reserch Plus” posts in  Category off-campus provide further information.

Worldscope – company accounts data definitions

7 April 2011 3 comments

Worldscope company accounts (company fundamentals) data are available through Datastream and Thomson One Banker.

Thomson ReutersWorldscope describes itself as “the financial industry’s premier source of detailed financial statement data and profile data on public companies domiciled outside the United States of America. It also contains complete coverage of US companies filing with the Securities Exchange Commission, with the exception of closed end investment companies.” (Worldscope Data Definitions Guide (Issue 9) 2010, p 24)

Worldscope takes company accounts and related data to complete global templates designed to facilitate comparisons between companies both within and across national boundaries. Details of the Worldscope methodology and the defintions of the data items (datatypes) is given in the definitions document.

Worldscope Data Definitions Guide (Issue 9) November 2010 is available:

  • via Datastream (Demo-
  • via Datastream Extranet (similar to via Datastream)
  • in the folder Database Manuals\Worldscope when using the database PCs in the Eddie Davies Library.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when using Wordscope is to check whether real data is available for the companies and years being studied. Worldscope defines a large number of data items but some may only be available for companies in specific countries, or collection of the data item may only have started recently.

[27 Jul 2011 – post Worldscope – finding data tips ]

Deals information from Thomson One Banker

17 March 2011 2 comments

Thomson ReutersThe Thomson One Banker database deals module provides data on mergers and acquisitions (M&A), equity, bond and loan deals. The deal information is gathered by Thomson Reuters through their contacts, so there is no guarantee that every deal is included, and for some deals only limited information is available.

There is a brief library guide Thomson One Banker – Deals

For deals involving a specific company there is also the deals section within the Thomson One Banker company analysis module.

 Equity deal search

Demo video –  (There is a 20 second pause at when selecting SDC Deal no as a search item. TOB did not respond on the initial mouse click.)

Screen shot –