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A few tips to assist you when using Business Research Plus.

Tag cloudTags

The tag cloud on the bottom-right of every page shows the key words or tags that we have given to all of the posts on this blog, where the larger type size tags represent one that has been used on more posts. The results are listed in chronological order, most recent first.

Search boxSearch

The search function, available from the top-right of every page, is a fast way to find pages that contain any term you like. The results are listed in order of relevance, most relevant first. It does not search the comments discussions, just the main post text.

If you search for a phrase containing an ampersand (&), it will not work. Please try other terms. For example, instead of “S&P500” just type “500”.


We appreciate your discussion on any of the posts on Business Research Plus. Please feel free to comment and point out anything that might have changed since we wrote it.

Most popular posts

Below is a list of the most popular posts of the last year (as of 25 November 2014).

Post title Views
Risk Free Rate for UK and US 11,073
Risk Free Rates on Datastream 6,083
Journal ranking – August 2013 update 4,345
Risk Free Rate and Fama French factors 4,128
CUSIP – 6 digit cusip to 9 digit cusip / permno / gvkey 3,929
Industry/sector codes in Datastream 3,041
Journal ranking – January 2014 update 2,917
Journal Ranking – marketing 2,908
Oil Price – historical data 2,782
Global Market Information Database (GMID) 2,718
Total shareholder return (share price return) 2,284
Journal ranking – 2012 JCR 2,149
Historical Index constituents (e.g FTSE 100) 1,743
Referencing databases (Bloomberg, Datastream etc.) 1,737
Total Return on Bloomberg 1,345
EndNote – adding page numbers 1,286
Historical FTSE100 Index Constituents on Datastream 1,272
Datastream, Worldscope and Units 1,269
Currency conversion in Datastream 1,174
All UK listed companies (part 1) 1,068
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