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Searching Financial Times for company news stories

29 November 2013 Leave a comment

A couple of students reported problems searching for company news stories that have appeared in the Financial Times.

The University of Manchester Library has several options for searching Financial Times (FT) stories:

Factiva from Dow Jones covers a wide range of business news sources so it is a great choice if you want to extend your search to include other sources.

Example search:

Factiva searching Ford news in FT (click to expand)

Factiva searching Ford news in FT (click to expand)

  1. Find and select source Financial Times (Available to Academic Subscribers only)
  2. Find and select company Ford Motor Company 
  3. Select Date All Dates
  4. Additional search text – strateg* and wc>500 [optional – see Factiva – more search options (July 2010)]
  5. Search and browse your results, refine search parameters as necessary

Further useful Factiva tips

ABI Inform from ProQuest  is one of the most comprehensive business databases providing access to academic journal articles, trade journal articles as well as the Financial Times.

ABI Inform - Ford news in FT (click to expand)

ABI Inform – Ford news in FT (click to expand)

Example search:

  1. Select Publications and then search for Financial Times
  2. Select Financial Times and scroll down to search within this publication
  3. Try search “ford strategy” – 2528 search results on 29 November 2013
  4. Browse the results – sort results by relevance means headlines including ford and strategy are at the top of the results – refine search as needed

Previous post – A new look for ABI Inform (July 2011)

The Financial Times Historical Archive delivers news stories as they appeared in the paper. Every item ever printed in the daily business newspaper, from 1888-2009, can be searched and browsed article by article and page by page.


A new look for ABI Inform

11 July 2011 1 comment

ProQuest’s ABI Inform (a comprehensive database of business and management literature) has recently undergone a cosmetic and functional overhaul, and contains some interesting new features to try out. Of particular interest at the moment, may be the fact that the database provides access to over 18,000 (mainly U.S.) full-text doctoral and masters level dissertations and theses.

You can now easily search for dissertations and theses using the Browse option. This also allows you to easily navigate the databases indexing system and to look for special reports on countries and companies.

The database also provides access to the full-text of content from a wide number of top-rated peer-review publications such as Sloan Management Review.

We have produced a new guide to the database which provides detail of the new features and can be accessed via the link below:

Access the database from our website – Select eResourcesDatabasesManagement Literature. Alternatively access direct from the link below:

Which business and management journal database is best?

19 June 2011 2 comments

JISC Content The following graphic from JISC-ADAT (Academic Database Assesment Tool) illustrates why there is no definitive answer to questions like:

  • Is ABI Inform (Proquest) or Business Source Premier (EBSCO) better?

The ADAT screenshot below shows the results of comparing:

ABI Inform v Business Source Premier v Scopus from JISC-ADAT

Journal database comparison from JISC ADAT – Click on image and then select ABI/INFORM, Business Source Premier and Scopus to re-create

Comparing ABI Inform and Business Source Premier: While there is an overlap between these two, searching just one of these databases will ignore a large number of publications/titles that is available in the other.

Comparing ABI Inform, Business Source Premier and Scopus: Most top academic journals are covered by Scopus, but these are just part of what is available through ABI Inform and Business Source Premier. Even considering just the publications/titles covered by Scopus, only about half of the titles are covered by both ABI Inform and Business Source Premier.

It is best to explore different journal databases – you will probably find what is best depends on the type of results you are seeking.

Financial Times (FT) online access

1 December 2010 1 comment

The Library does not have a subscription to the Financial Times online (

However, FT articles are available from a number of business databases: Factiva (1981 to present), ABI Inform (1996 to present) and the Financial Times Historical Archive (1888 – 2006).

Risk journal

The Risk magazine/journal, published monthly by Incisive Media Financial Publishing, is not the easiest to find. The website is but the University of Manchester does not have access to full-text through the website.

On the Electronic Journal A-Z list, there are lots of matches for “risk” and the full title is Risk London.
Electronic access through ABI Inform (Proquest) 2009-

On the JRUL catalogue searching for Collection:  Journals and Title Risk gives results including the e-journal access and the hardcopy holdings Vol 14-, 2001- in the Eddie Davies Library.

One option which can help is to search by the ISSN number 0952-8776.

Risk is considered an important publication in its areas of risk management, derivatives and regulation. However, it does not appear in the Association of Business Schools, Academic Journal Quality Guide Version 4 (2010).

Journal with embargo (Journal of Services Marketing)

The Journal of Services Marketing is one where the library has subscriptions from several suppliers but the conditions are not identical. In this case one supplier, ABI/Inform (Proquest),  has a 1 year/365 day embargo while another, Emerald, has two different access points depending on the year.

A-Z list result Journal of Services Marketing

A-Z list result Journal of Services Marketing

Electronic journal A-Z list results for “Journal of Services Marketing”.

Click on the image to see in more detail.

Note that the information below the supplier link gives additional information about accessing the relevant resource off-campus.

Which is the best option to choose depends what you want:

For recent articles, within the last year, you must use the Emerald Insight Management Xtra 111 link.

For older articles, you can select ABI/Inform or Emerald depending on your personal preference.

[Revised 18 Oct 2010]

ABI Inform (Proquest) off-campus access

27 January 2010 1 comment

If accessing ABI Inform (Proquest) off-campus and you get this screen:


This login screen relates to the Athens access scheme that the University of Manchester no longer uses.

See below for alternative.

Probably best first to use your browser back button to go back to the link that took you to this page. Open a new browser tab or window and select  (should give screen below)

Select login through your library or institution.

Select UK Federation

Select University of Manchester

Supply your central username and password

You should now be logged into ABI Inform (Proquest) as an authenticated University of Manchester user.

If you now return to the link (e.g. in a reading list) and select again you should get straight into ABI Inform (Proquest) at the relevant article, since the relevent credentials are now cached in your browser for its current session.

Rather than you can goto the University of Manchester ABI Inform page and select the off-campus access link (same steps as above but can be in different order).

There is a demo video of off-campus access in the answer to:

How do I access e-resources using my central username and password?

If in your browser session you have already accessed another e-journal database (Business Source Premier/Ebsco, Emerald, Science Direct …) you may not be prompted for your central username and password as this is already cached. However, you will have to select the links to indicate where you are from.