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The “iThoughts” app for iPad

12 March 2013 3 comments

ithoughtshd01In the emerging world of mind mapping on the iPad, iThoughtsHD has taken an early lead with an incredible set of features that no other developer even comes one close to. More importantly, it contains the features and functionality that makes it eminently useful to academic users. And on the iPad’s large screen, it’s an absolute pleasure to use.

iThoughtsHD has a clean, well-organised user interface that is key to its functionality. It contains just enough toolbar icons to enable you to quickly capture your ideas, while more advanced tools for embellishing your map and its topics are cleverly hidden within several “inspector” buttons. That keeps them out of the way, yet they are only a few taps away when you need them.

This well-designed app gives you several options for adding topics to your mind maps. A set of 3 buttons enables you to add child and sibling topics, and to create a topic at the level before the currently selected topic.

The shape and colour of topics, icons and task details can be set via a simple multi-tabbed dialogue box. It also contains a tab for topic notes, which may contain live URL and e-mail links. After you have finished typing your notes, you simply click on a blank section of the app’s workspace and your note is automatically saved.

Moving topics is simple: You just tap and hold a topic until it is highlighted and its connector line disappears. Drag it until it is overlapping the new topic to which you want to join it and drop it there.

 This impressive app’s attention to detail carries over into the map-level options it provides. These are accessible via another inspector icon in the toolbar. It enables you to:

  • Set the map background colour and pattern
  • Turn the topic auto-layout setting on and off
  • Control inheritance of topic colours and shapes
  • Turn drop shadows on and off
  • Turn rainbow colouring of topics on and off

You won’t find most of these capabilities in any other iPad mind mapping application.

Not surprisingly, iThoughtsHD offers a multitude of import and export options. You can export your maps via e-mail, wi-fi transfer, and Dropbox

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Get to Know TED in 2012.

5 January 2012 2 comments

As part of our commitment to supporting you with all your research needs, over the last few months we’ve been recommending some useful business research apps for you to download to your mobile devices, some of which are for accessing our databases and some which are for useful external sources.

We thought we’d start 2012 by introducing you to TED. This app is a real favourite for discerning tablet users throughout the world. It brings a diverse range of interesting lectures from people that are at the top of their game together in one place and the subject matter is truly diverse.

The app allows you to stream a whole host of TED talks in video or audio format. Features include browse and share which brings up the latest TED Talks videos as soon as they’re published; and all this can be browsed in the TED library by theme, tag or rating.

There is also a playlist function called “Inspire Me”, which can build a tailored TED Talk list for you to listen to, just tell the app what kind of lecture you’re after and it’ll pluck out some likely candidates. All the lectures can be shared on Facebook, Twitter and by email.

There are two new additions to the app as well: a bookmarks tab enables listeners to save talks for later, whilst the TED radio brings a station full to the brim with TED Talk audio 24/7. Even better is that it will work when the app is closed down.

In practice the app works extremely well, with a clear and intuitive user-face combined with some great content. This app is a must for anyone interested in the world around them, and it’s free to download!

To access simply download the free app from your App provider.

Remember if you’re using an iPad make certain to add the MBS Library Service  page to your Home Screen for easy access to all the Resources we have to offer you for your research. Simply open our page then tap the arrow in a box symbol next to the top URL line and then select “Add to Home Screen”. You can even edit the name of the Web Icon, after you’ve done this – tap the “Add” button.