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CEO compensation – which database is best?

15 April 2014 10 comments

A couple of queries recently have been about where to get “CEO compensation” data, and this turns out to be a good example where the answer depends on refining the initial question.

At the University of Manchester we have two specialist financial databases that cover executive pay, and therefore CEO (Chief Executive Officer) compensation.

  • BoardEx – this is good for searching current board memberships, but one query was looking for 10 years of historical CEO compensation data for a list of companies
  • Execucomp (Compustat Execucomp) – this is available on WRDS, would cope with historical data and a list of companies, but only if they are US companies.

Next I re-read the May 2012 post Executive Pay – this gives Thomson One Banker and Bloomberg as options. 

Thomson is similar to Thomson One Banker – you need to look up the executives, find the CEO on the list and then select to get the detailed information. (It is even harder if you want a previous CEO)

Bloomberg has a function MGMT that allows also allows you to browse company executives. However, it also has two variables for the total salary and the total compensation of the company CEO (or the executive Bloomberg judge as equivalent to the CEO). I used these in the Bloomberg Excel add-in after loading list of companies.

Bloomberg - CEO compensation (click to expand)

Bloomberg – CEO compensation (click to expand)

A little more skill with the Bloomberg Excel add-in and these results could have been presented in a neater fashion.

Datastream is usually good if you want historical numerical data, but searching using “compensation”, “pay”, “salary”, “CEO” all yield no evidence of a suitable time-series datatype.

So as I am looking for historical CEO compensation, including non-US companies, and can get to the library Bloomberg looks to be the best option.


Female CEOs of FTSE 350 companies

8 March 2013 5 comments

womens_day_2013-1055007-hpToday, 8 March 2013, is International Women’s Day so here are the the women who are CEOs (Chief Executive Officers) of FTSE 350 companies.

[The FTSE 350 is the 100 largest (most highly capitalised) companies  (FTSE 100) plus the 250 next largest companies (FTSE 250) on the London stock exchange.]

  • Katherine Lucy Garrett-Cox – ALLIANCE TRUST PLC
  • Cynthia Caroll – ANGLO AMERICAN PLC
  • Angela Jean Ahrendts – BURBERRY GROUP PLC
  • Doctor Louise Makin – BTG PLC (British Technology Group International PLC prior to 03/1995)
  • Dorothy Carrington Thompson – DRAX GROUP PLC
  • Carolyn Julia McCall – EASYJET PLC
  • Ruby McGregor-Smith – MITIE GROUP PLC
  • Lynn Rosanne Fordham – SVG CAPITAL PLC (Schroder Ventures International Investment Trust PLC prior to 05/2004)
  • The Hon. Diana (Dido) Mary Harding – TALKTALK TELECOM GROUP PLC
  • Kathryn (Kate) Elizabeth Swann – WH SMITH PLC

BoardEx turned out to be the easiest database to find this information. In others (e.g. Thomson One Banker, Orbis) it is possible to go from a company to director information but not to search for a company based on directors’ characteristics.

Even BoardEx has limitations since its search capabilities only covers current executives. The list above is current information – it doesn’t include Dame Marjorie Morris Scardino who was CEO of PEARSON PLC (owners of the Financial Times) until 31 December 2012.

[Image above is Google’s logo for International Women’s Day 2013]

Angela Ahrendts (CEO of Burberry) appears at no 45 in the Forbes list The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women.