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Bond ISIN to company ISIN — EDSC manuals, tips & tricks

9 November 2016 Leave a comment

Suppose you created a list with bonds and the accompanying ISIN codes. You can’t use these ISIN codes to download information from the issuer of this bond. But here is way to use the ISIN codes you collected so far to find the ISIN code of the issuer An example: the ISIN code US44044KAA97 belongs […]

via Bond ISIN to company ISIN — EDSC manuals, tips & tricks

Where can I find bond credit ratings for a particular company?

Bond credit ratings are available from several of the databases we subscribe to.

For S&P, Moody and Fitch ratings on bond issues, use Thomson You can look for one company at a time.

Bonds deals in 1 Select company. 2 Choose Company Views > Deals. 3 Change filter to Product: Bonds. 4 Scroll to Deal Statistics.

Alternatively use Screening & Analsysis to look for multiple companies. Include datatypes SP, MDY, FITCH (all have descriptions Ratings…) in your report.

Bonds deals analysis - Go to Screening & Analysis > Deals & League Tables > Bonds > Advanced Search. Build your search and add

Thomson Research

Fitch ratings are available on Thomson Research. Select Fitch Ratings as contributor.

Thomson Research Fitch Reports

Thomson Research: search for Contributor: Fitch Reports.

Factiva Moody's reportsFactiva

Moody’s Investors Service reports are available on Factiva. Search for Moody as source, with company name or upgrade/downgrade in text.


As with Thomson, credit ratings are available on Datastream by searching for a company’s bonds and then selecting the relevant datatypes. A similar approach can be taken with Capital IQ.

Note: What is a Corporate Credit rating?

Historical rates for UK Government bonds (gilts, treasury bills)

For UK Treasury Bills (3 Months):
From Bank of England website, select Statistics, Interest and Exchange Rates Data, Wholesale interest and discount rates, Treasury Bills (3 month) Sterling, End month – IUMAJNB – Monthly.

Use Datastream

  • Under Economics there is 3 Months Treasury Bills Yield (UKGBILL3) and Gross Redemption Yield on 20 Year Gilts (UKGBOND.)
  • Under Interest rates there is UK Treasury Bill Tender 1M (UKTBT1M) and UK Treasury Bill Tender 3M (UKTBTND)
  • Under Bonds and convertibles search using gilt in name
  • Under Bond Indices and CDS there are DS-TR benchmark indices – search for “Datastream Mnemonic starts TRUK” for benchmarks in the UK list LTRUKBMK, or using gilt in name or gilts as market.

Use Bloomberg function BTMM and select UK, or search for a specific rate.

Use Global Financial Database GFDatabase – GFD Filter Search: Country – United Kingdom and Series Type – Treasury Bill Yields or Government Bond Yields

The UK Debt Management Office also provides Gilt Market – Prices and Yields from 1996 and additional Gilt Market Data and Money Market / Treasury Bills Data

See also those posts tagged with risk free rate.

Where can I find historical rates for U.S. treasury bills, notes, and bonds?


Go to the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve page on Selected Interest Rates – H.15
Go to Interest Rates – Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis – FRED
Go to Treasury Bill, Note, and Bond Auction History


Treasury Bill data is in category Interest Rates and the default 3 month series is
FRTBS4W: US T-BILL SEC MARKET 4 WEEK only starts Jul 31 2001
Datastream Navigator category Interest Rates, Explorer and National Interest Rates United States gives key treasury bills, notes and bonds

In Datastream category Bond Indices and CDS there are DS-TR benchmark indices – search for “Datastream Mnemonic starts TRUS” for benchmarks in the US list LTRUSBMK including TRUS3MT and TRUS1MT
For more detail see Risk Free Rates on Datastream (posted Oct 2013)

WRDS selecting the Federal Reserve Bank Reports database or CRSP and treasuries for full details on bonds.
Select the Fama French and Liquidity Factors database for RF (One Month Treasury Bill Rate).

Bloomberg and BTMM or GGR
USGG1M Index and USGG3M Index are generic one and three month T-Bill yields.

Global Financial Database
GFD Filter Search: Country – United States and Data Series – Treasury Bill Yields or Government Bond Yields

or look at Yahoo! Finance
13 week Treasury Bill (3 months)