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Bloomberg for Education Symposium

25 September 2012 3 comments

BloombergLast Thursday (20th Sept) I attended the Bloomberg for Education Symposium at Bloomberg L.P. Finsbury Square, London.

The theme of the day was the skills that graduates need for a career in finance, and how Bloomberg can help Universities to equip students for the world of work.

One key message is that you don’t have to do a finance/business degree to get a graduate position in finance.

What you do need is to demonstrate enthusiasm for working in the financial sector: your degree can do this but it is by no means the only way. Talent is useful, but remember that there are a large range of types of jobs and correspondingly a large range of appropriate talents. [I would struggle to get most jobs at Bloomberg because they and looking for business fluency in at least 2 languages and I don’t think English and Latin would be sufficient.] Finally, recruiters are looking for a willingness to work hard, since no matter how closely your studies match your first job you will always have lots to learn.

How can Bloomberg help?

You can use  Bloomberg Professional to demonstrate your interest in a career in finance. Using the same system used by professionals gives you a greater understanding of how professionals monitor financial information, and helps to bridge the gap between academic theory and current practice. Functions BU (Bloomberg University) and CHEAT (Cheatsheets) are good starting points for self-study.

Bloomberg are also promoting the BAT (Bloomberg Assessment Test). This is a standardised test that provides aspiring financial professionals with a measure of their strengths and weaknesses compared with the global average in a range of topics: economics, financial markets, verbal skills, analytical reasoning … There is also an optional feature that allows recruiters to search for matching candidates based on their scores in the various topics.

BAT website screenshot (click to enlarge)

In terms of using  Bloomberg Professional, Bloomberg choose to highlight the Bloomberg Industries (BI) function. This provides users with an industry view including key drivers, company comparisons and industry specific data. (See previous post on Mobile phone industry data on Bloomberg.

Researching companies for your career

17 September 2012 1 comment

remember nothing impresses an employer more in the job interview than hearing a candidate speak knowledgeably about their company (cjbsinfo, 2011)

At the welcome presentations today, it was clear students should start thinking about their career plan as early as possible. A good opportunity then to mention how library company information resources can help.

Company profile – for example use Business Source Premier and the Company Profile link.

Business News – for example use Factiva to find about recent press items about specific companies.

Market Research – for example use Keynote (UK cos) or GMID (Global Market Information Database) to research key market developments.

For more detail: Careers help online (Apr 2012), How to target and research potential employers (Jun 2011), from Careers category.

Refer to the shiny new University of Manchester Careers Blog – a great place to start learning about the support available from the University Careers Service like the Finance Business and Management Fair on 18th Oct 2012.


cjbsinfo (2011) “Pre-interview database checklist” University of Cambridge, Judge Business School, Information and Library Services blog. Available at: [Accessed 17 Sept. 2012]

Careers Help Online

2 April 2012 1 comment

A selection of online career resources recommended by business school libraries worldwide:

In addition, there are our:

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Targeting Employers using the Bloomberg Careers Centre

Bloomberg is a specialist financial database which provides access to Equities, Commodities, Foreign Exchange and Price Indices data in addition to extensive Business News Resources. Another key feature of the database is the Bloomberg Careers Centre Facility. This feature enables browsers to:

  • Search for jobs in your specified location or area
  • Keep up to date with local Job Related Events
  • Discover which Recruiters are in your area at the moment

Using the Bloomberg Careers Centre features enables you to build a comprehensive Job Search to uncover the ideal position for you in the location of your choice.

To begin your Careers Search on Bloomberg, simply enter: “JOBS” in the online search field and then hit “GO”


The Jobs Screen is divided into four sections:

  • Jobs Available in your Area
  • Job-Related Events in your Area 
  • Recruiters in your Area
  • Financial Hiring News

Many other Job Search Features are also available via the site.

How to access Bloomberg Careers Centre?

Bloomberg is available via designated PCs in the Eddie Davies Finance Zone (Please book online) and the new Bloomberg Suite without booking.

The Precinct Library also has a Bloomberg monitor which can be booked. Please call 0161 306 3200.A detailed guide outlining the key features of the Bloomberg Careers Centre is also available in the “How to” Guide Section of the Library Web-Site.

The MBS Library Service provides access to key resources and databases which can assit all Library users with their Job Search, Interview Preparation and Career Development.

Careers Guides

Find publications relating to your career development eg. Managing your Career, CV/Interview Preparation, Postgraduate Career Strategies and tips on Networking techniques, via the Library Catalogue.


Harness our extensive range of Databases to Target and Research Potential Employers, see our “How to Target and Research Potential Employers” guide available via the Library Web-page:

Welcome to Business Research Plus

27 July 2011 1 comment

Business Research Plus header 2015

From specialist databases to business literature, Business Research Plus provides advice and tips based on The University of Manchester Library Business Data Service resources and expertise.  See our About page for more details.

  • Library Research Plus provides expert insight from The University of Manchester Library’s Research Services for researchers in all disciplines including business.
  • My Learning Essentials, the Library’s award-winning skills progamme includes online resources with a wealth of useful tips on searching, referencing, writing to support personal and professional development.

Exploring our resources – try the Business and Management Resources page (Subject Guides),  scroll down to category or tag cloud in the right-hand column or search this blog (top right). For latest news see @UML_BDS