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New Emerald app – Journal Articles on the Go!

16 March 2012 1 comment

As part of our commitment to supporting you with all your research needs, over the last few months we’ve been recommending some useful business apps for you to download to your tablet devices, some of which are for accessing our databases and some which are for useful external sources.

The launch of Emerald’s first app provides a feature-rich interface with which to find, read and save Emerald academic journal content if you’re on the go.

Showcasing a clean and easy to use design, the app makes searching and browsing for journal content an intuitive and time saving experience. As Emerald subscribers, our customers need simply download the app for their own device and use the search and browse options to start finding content immediately.

You can also tap the “My Profile” box and login to your free profile. If you don’t yet have a profile, you can quickly sign up on the Emerald web-site and unlock the extra functionality, the app allows you to:

  • Find what you need, when you need it: Search and browse Emerald’s extensive online content library of almost 100,000 journal articles.
  • Personalise your experience: Use your Emerald profile to manage your marked lists and saved searches.
  • Spread the word: Email links to your friends/colleagues and share content via the built-in Facebook and Twitter functionality.
  • Enhance your knowledge: Read full-text content through the integrated browser. Most content is available in easy to read PDF format too.
  • The Emerald app is optimized for the iPad and compatible with iPhone and iPad touch. It requires iOS 3.0 or later and is available free of charge from your app provider.

Remember if you’re using an iPad make certain to add the MBS Library Service  page to your Home Screen for easy access to all the Resources we have to offer you for your research. Simply open our page then tap the arrow in a box symbol next to the top URL line and then select “Add to Home Screen”. You can even edit the name of the Web Icon, after you’ve done this – tap the “Add” button.

Emerald: Helping you find the Right Journal article for your Research

1 September 2011 Leave a comment

Emerald provides access to over 1500 full-text peer reviewed academic and scholarly Journals. The database covers a wide range of subject areas including:

  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Marketing
  • Product Development
  • Enterprise and Innovation

How can Emerald help me?

Emerald contains academic/theoretical articles for a number of key business and management journals.

Use Emerald to:

  • Keep up to date with management developments/techniques/strategies
  • Analyse marketing techniques/strategies
  • Explore Company case examples and developments
  • Substantiate theoretical models or debate

How can I access Emerald?

Emerald can be accessed via the “E-Resources” section of the MBS Library web-site.

Select “Resources” then “Management Literature”

How should I search Emerald?

  • Use “Quick Search” to search across all journals for a phrase or keyword
  • Use “Advanced Search” to build a more accurate search strategy
  • Use “Browse” to view details of subscribed journals either using A-Z or subject categories

Emerald is one of our key Business and Management Journal Databases available for you to access via the MBS Library page.

Resource guides outlining how to use Emerald as well as guides to all our other online resources are available from our “How to Research Guides” web-page.

Getting Published – advice from Emerald

Simon Linacre and Ruth Bailey from Emerald recently visited MBS for a presentation/workshop on getting published (and understanding journal rankings).

The first part described how articles are handled from a publisher’s perspective and offered several important tips for getting published.

  • Consider your reader – what will make your paper interesting, clear, relevant and memorable for them
  • Consider your potential reader – most people only see the title (and abstract) of your paper through a search engine – Will your target readers want to find out more?
  • Consider your editor and publisher – follow the author guidelines!

The second part discussed where to publish and specifically the influence of journal rankings.

  • In the UK the forthcoming REF research assessment will use either ISI (Thomson Journal Citation Reports) or Scopus (Elsevier).
  • ISI (available through Web of Knowledge) covers 12,000 journals (67% science, 21% social science, 12% humanities)
    Scopus covers 18,000 (40% science, 30% social science, 30% humanities)
  • Some countries only consider ISI journals, Australia is compiling its own index, UK has the ABS (Association of Business Schools) ranking list, while in the US Scopus and ISI have limited impact.
  • There is growing use of Google scholar as a source of publication impact data but it will be some time before this is an influence at the national level.

Simon’s advice was to be aware that universities are very interested where their staff and students publish as it influences their ranking, but remember that it is your career (you may move somewhere with a different ranking).

Among the discussions, the most discussed topic was the influence of open access publishing and institutional repositories. This is going to have an influence over the next few years. Emerald like most publishers is watching how things develop.

Emerald off-campus access

24 October 2010 2 comments

The Emerald e-journal database is the best choice for the Journal of Service Marketing because there is no embargo so the most recent issues are available.

To access off-campus you need to authenticate using your central username and password. (Select Institution login, UK Federation and University of Manchester.)

A brief demo video – (starts after a search for Journal of Services Marketing in the A-Z e-journal list)

Journal with embargo (Journal of Services Marketing)

The Journal of Services Marketing is one where the library has subscriptions from several suppliers but the conditions are not identical. In this case one supplier, ABI/Inform (Proquest),  has a 1 year/365 day embargo while another, Emerald, has two different access points depending on the year.

A-Z list result Journal of Services Marketing

A-Z list result Journal of Services Marketing

Electronic journal A-Z list results for “Journal of Services Marketing”.

Click on the image to see in more detail.

Note that the information below the supplier link gives additional information about accessing the relevant resource off-campus.

Which is the best option to choose depends what you want:

For recent articles, within the last year, you must use the Emerald Insight Management Xtra 111 link.

For older articles, you can select ABI/Inform or Emerald depending on your personal preference.

[Revised 18 Oct 2010]