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Oil Price – historical data

5 January 2011 10 comments

[Update 16 October 2014] See Oil Price – historical data (update) for latest tips.

The oil price is the Financial Times (FT) headline today, so an appropriate day to update details of which library databases provide oil price.

BloombergThe FT front page world markets summary includes two crude oil benchmarks: WTI (West Texas Intermediate) and Brent. Historic data is available for these from several sources.

Bloomberg has the greatest detail of commodity trading and related news. Datastream (graph below), FactSet ExcelConnect and Global Financial Data also have these benchmark oil prices.

There are some websites with oil price information, for example, and However, most provide graphs over different time frames rather than access to the  underlying data.

Chart of benchmark crude oil prices 2005-2010.

Oil Price chart from Datastream

Thomson Reuters Chart created and exported using Datastream 5.0 from Thomson Reuters.

FactSet ExcelConnect

FactSet’s ExcelConnect is a database used researchers working on analysts’ forecasts.It is only available on specific PCs in the Eddie Davies Library. Ask at the enquiry desk if you are unsure.

There is a brief library guide for ExcelConnect on the library section of the MBS Intranet (which we plan to update soon).  As this does not cover getting data for multiple companies, I have quickly put together this document :

FactSetEC-estimate-manycos (accessing detailed estimated for many companies)

FactSet ExcelConnect has a nice user interface and is easy to use in its “Equity” mode when getting data for a single company. It is getting data for a whole set of companies that is a little more tricky.

Mark Greenwood