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GSK sells Ribena and Lucozade for £1.35bn

14 September 2013 1 comment

Ribena and Lucozade (image from BBC News)

It was recently reported that GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) have sold the Lucozade and Ribena drinks brands to Japanese firm Suntory for £1.35bn.

GSK chose to get rid of the well-known UK brands after deciding to focus on its core pharmaceuticals business.

from Lucozade and Ribena sold to Suntory for £1.35bn (BBC Business News, 9 September 2013).

For background information on the soft drinks market.

KeyNote has

Soft Drinks (Carbonated and Concentrated) Market Update 2012 (19th Edition October 2012, Edited by Leah Tutt)

Note. All KeyNote market research reports are for the UK market.

Passport (formerly GMID) from Euromonitor has a number of report (see screenshot below) including

GlaxoSmithLinke Plc in Soft Drinks (United Kingdom), Local Company Profile 14 Jun 2013

Purchase of Lucozade Takes Suntory Holdings a Step Closer to Becoming A Truly Global Company, CAMI Article 09 Sep 2013

Passport - Ribena related reports (click to expand)

Passport – Ribena related reports (click to expand)

I choose “Ribena” for my searches – as a child I was a big fan

For more information on the deal between GSK and Suntory – search:


Researching a UK company – reports and data

22 October 2012 2 comments

What resources are available for researching FirstGroup plc? (who among other things run many of the buses in north Manchester)

Free online resources:

Library subscribed resources:

  • Marketline Company Profile FirstGroup plc from Business Source Premier – 24 pages including key facts, business description, history, key employees, revenue analysis, SWOT analysis
  • GlobalData FirstGroup plc (FGP) – Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review July 2012 – an analyst report from Thomson Research – 26 pages – About the company, Company Analysis (including SWOT), Company Financial Ratios, and details of GlobalData and their analysis methodology.
  • Key Note Bus & Coach Operators Market Report 2012 from KeyNote – a market research report including a profile of FirstGroup as a key company. (Other KeyNote market reports include Rail Travel 2011 and KeyNote company information provides five years of company accounts.)
  • 7 Economist articles (since 2001) and over 500 Financial Times articles – both from ABI/Inform (Proquest) .
  • 10 years of FirstGroup accounts through Fame – a database based on accounts filed at UK Companies House with additional information on shareholders and subsidiaries.

In summary, the library subscribed resources provide access to reports that would be expensive to buy (investment analysts and market research reports) and databases that provide more flexible search and download facilities than free online resources.

If the above library resources are not enough, there are plenty more:

  • Thomson Research has a total of 256 analyst reports on FirstGroup plc published in the last 2 years. These are valuable reports and not easily found with a google search – see Analysts reports on Thomson Research.
  • Factiva has 2,176 news stories from the last 6 months – including over 100 from the Financial Times.
    Dow Jones Company Report FirstGroup plc – from Factiva – 15 pages – company overview and financials (balance sheet, cash flow and income statement) for last 5 years.
  • Thomson One Banker provides financial market information: overview, prices, financials, estimates, deals (e.g mergers and acquisitions), ownership and comparables.
  • ORBIS is similar to Fame except that it covers the largest 230,000 companies worldwide (Fame is UK and Ireland only) so you can compare FirstGroup with similar companies worldwide.
  • Bloomberg Professional provides financial market information and  business news – the DES (description) function provides a brief overview report.

This post applies advice from previous posts to a specific company: How to Research UK Company Data, Company Financial Analysis (Global Companies), and How to Research Global Company Data.

Market Research – Personal Banking

28 September 2012 2 comments

Market Research reports are a key resource in business and management research. Very few are freely available on the web so to access these you need to use the library’s market research databases. (Goto the Markets and Sectors section in the Business and Management databases LibGuides page. )

The recent KeyNote report Personal Banking Market Assessment 2012 has been highlighted on the BizResearch blog from London Business School.

Extract for Executive Summary

The banking crisis and the subsequent recession have resulted in the personal banking market receiving a great deal of media attention of late, with little of that attention being positive. The current situation and the negative media attention has given bank customers generally very little confidence in the sector, which has affected the way in which it works.

Full BizResearch post – Personal Banking Market Assessment (21 Sept 2012)

Photo from Flickr: ken teegardin

KeyNote is available to current students and staff at the University of Manchester. To get the report search for “personal banking” or just “banking” (screenshot below).

Keynote – example search “banking” (click to enlarge)

NB. KeyNote covers UK market research only, for other options goto the Markets and Sectors section in the Business and Management databases LibGuides page, or FAQ answer – How can I find info on market research, including market research reports?

Researching companies for your career

17 September 2012 1 comment

remember nothing impresses an employer more in the job interview than hearing a candidate speak knowledgeably about their company (cjbsinfo, 2011)

At the welcome presentations today, it was clear students should start thinking about their career plan as early as possible. A good opportunity then to mention how library company information resources can help.

Company profile – for example use Business Source Premier and the Company Profile link.

Business News – for example use Factiva to find about recent press items about specific companies.

Market Research – for example use Keynote (UK cos) or GMID (Global Market Information Database) to research key market developments.

For more detail: Careers help online (Apr 2012), How to target and research potential employers (Jun 2011), from Careers category.

Refer to the shiny new University of Manchester Careers Blog – a great place to start learning about the support available from the University Careers Service like the Finance Business and Management Fair on 18th Oct 2012.


cjbsinfo (2011) “Pre-interview database checklist” University of Cambridge, Judge Business School, Information and Library Services blog. Available at: [Accessed 17 Sept. 2012]

How to Research UK Company Data

The library has a couple of databases that specialise in providing information on UK companies both public and private – FAME and KeyNote.

FAME,  from Bureau van Dijk, provides financials for all UK (and Republic of Ireland) registered companies from their accounts filed with companies house. It covers public (quoted) and private companies: over 2.8 million active companies and 4.2 inactive companies on 05 June 2012. FAME  provides: registered office, website, phone number, size, main activity, key financials (up to 10 years), directors, current subsidiaries, and current shareholders (including controlling shareholders and GUO (Global Ultimate Owner)).

FAME retail search

FAME retail search – click to enlarge

FAME  supports searching for companies by a wide set of criteria including name, location, industry, ownership structure, financials, and when the information has been updated. [Note: for small companies very limited information is available because they only have to report limited information with companies house.]

For more details on using FAME see the Library guides (look for FAME in Database guides section) and the online video guides [My Learning Essentials, Down to Business: Finding Business Information, Finding Company Information]. Updated 3 January 2014.

KeyNote is best know as a UK market research database providing reports on a wide range of industrial and consumer based products. However KeyNote company information can be used to research and analyse companies and people. It covers more than 7 million UK companies.

Keynote Company Information – List Builder tab (click to expand)

KeyNote company information provides:

  • Company search by name (or company number)
  • People search for company directors and shareholders
  • List builder – select from key search criteria to create a list of companies, add additional output fields if required, and export your spreasheet of results

KeyNote also produces Business Ratio Reports and a UKplc report, based on 22 industry sectors and 141 industries.

KeyNote does not offer the flexibility of FAME  when it comes to search criteria and defining your own output format, but its simpler interface is easy to use and it does offer UK company and market research information in a single database.

Public/Quoted UK companies

If you are only researching public UK companies then you may want to consider other databases that cover public companies worldwide, e.g. Bloomberg, Datastream, Thomson Research, Thomson One Banker. See previous post on Company Financial Analysis.