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Current and historical company annual reports

Company websites

For current annual reports, a company’s website is often the quickest and easiest option.

Databases that The University of Manchester subscribes to:

  • PI Navigator: Include Annuals / 10K / 20-F (Company Reports and Accounts) in search criteria or select Perfect Filings tab and include Document Type UK Annual Reports or similar depending on your search.
  • Mergent Archives: Select Search Mergent Achives for annual report search
  • Thomson Research: Quick Company Search: and Content Profile, Filings
  • Thomson Annual reports are under Filings tab

Annual reports websites

Try EDGAR for reports filed with US SEC.


Profit warnings (business news)

30 September 2014 1 comment

Tesco features heavily in the current business news following a recent profit warning. The library’s business databases are very valuable if you want to research this in more detail.

Dow Jones Factiva is a business news database that covers a wide range of newspapers and trade journals. The news articles are indexed to make it easier to locate the information you need.

The screenshot below shows results for the following search criteria:

  • Company – Tesco PLC
  • Subject – Profit Warnings
  • Date – In the last 3 months

Note that you can scroll down the left hand column to get useful summaries of the results.

Factiva - Tesco news (click to expand)

Factiva – Tesco news (click to expand)

This search does not give the Tesco profit warning. It gives all the news articles about a profit warning that also mention Tesco PLC within the article. There have been several articles about the profit warning in the Financial Times, The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Independent, …

Selecting an specific source, for example Financial Times, is a useful way of restricting your search results to a more manageable number from the original 471 (193 eliminating duplicates). In this example it is then easy to identify that Tesco PLC issued its profit warning on Friday 29 August 2014.

We now expect trading profit for 2014/15 to be in the range of £2.4bn to £2.5bn. Trading profit for the six months ending 23 August 2014 is expected to be in the region of £1.1bn. (Tesco PLC, 2014)

This “Trading Statement” – note that Tesco does not issue a statement that uses the term “profit warning” – is available on official RNS news from the London Stock Exchange (see LSE – News and Events – RNS). It is also available from the  PI Navigator database.

PI Navigator is a specialist database covering global company filings (e.g. annual reports, IPO propectuses, news announcements, mergers and acquistions)

The following screenshot shows results for the search criteria:

  • Company – Tesco PLC
  • Classification – Trading and Operating Updates
  • Issue Date – After 30 June 2104 (3 months)
PI Navigator - Tesco trading updates (click to expand)

PI Navigator – Tesco trading updates (click to expand)

Note that in PI Navigator it is not possible to search for profit warnings – you have to search for all the market sensitive trading updates that have been released by the company. On the plus side it is quick and easy to find the Tesco PLC Trading Statement of 29 August 2014, and the later trading update about profits for the six months to August 2014 being overstated by an estimates £250m.


Tesco PLC (2014) “Tesco PLC – TSCO Trading Statement Released 07:00 29-Aug-2014”, Available at, (Accessed 30 September 2014).

Twitter IPO (S-1) form

4 October 2013 2 comments

The Twitter SEC S-1 form (United States Securities and Exchange Commission Registration form) is available from PI Navigator (screenshot below).

The Twitter SEC S-1 form is also available directly from the SEC, however  PI Navigator is a very good database if you want to search company filings and has global coverage. (See Text searching non US company annual reports Dec 2010)

More on Twitter IPO:

Twitter announces IPO: The Pricing Game begins – applies corporate valuation techniques to the problem of pricing the Twitter IPO.

Twitter want to raise $1bn on its stock market debut (BBC News)

Twitter IPO S-1 form on PI Navigator (click to expand)

Twitter IPO S-1 form on PI Navigator (click to expand)

Mergers and Acquisitions Research

8 October 2012 1 comment

Factiva – BAE Systems and FT (click to expand)

The possible merger of BAE Systems and EADS is much reported in the financial press at the moment.

Using the Factiva business news database we can see that there have been almost 100 articles about BAE Systems in the Financial Times alone in the last 3 months (almost all about the proposed merger).

However, there is not yet anything definite. On 12 Sept 2010 BAE Systems issued an official statement.  “Further to the recent movement in BAE Systems’ share price, BAE Systems plc (BAE Systems) and EADS N.V. (EADS) confirm that they are in discussions regarding a possible combination of their businesses. …” (RNS Number 1353M from PI Navigator). There is no specific merger proposal, so there is very little detail that can be recorded in a Merger and Acquisition database.

Thomson Research – Analysts’ reports for BAE Systems (click to expand)

Although the merger is only possible. It is likely to be included in reports be Analysts who follow either of these companies. (Some analysts may delay producing a report until there is a specific merger proposal.)

For more details on Thomson Research see the earlier post Analysts’ Reports on Thomson Research. (Remember Thomson Research only works with IE (internet Explorer)

See also (earlier posts)

Mergers and acquisition research can involve much more that the financial details of the deals, and remember not all deals are successfully completed.

Update 10 October 2012: EADS and BAE call off merger

Manchester United IPO on NYSE

15 August 2012 1 comment

The recent (Aug 10 2012) Manchester United IPO (Initial Public Offering) illustrates the distinction between a company, as a legal entity, and its listing(s) on one or more stock exchanges.

  • Companies do not always list on their “home” market – Manchester United have chosen to list in New York (NYSE)
  • Companies occasionally have distinct classes of shares – for Manchester United there are Class A and Class B shares, both listed on NYSE on Aug 10 2012.
  • Companies can have a listing history – Manchester United was a PLC listed on the London Stock Exchange from Jun 7 1991 to 2005, then a private company, and now an NYSE-listed one.

The history of Manchester United shares is illustrated by searching on Datastream.

Datastream Navigator - Manchester United listings

Datastream Navigator – Manchester United (click to expand)

The first listing for Manchester United (952540) was on Jun 7 1991. This was followed by secondary listings (Primary Quote = No) on exchanges Frankfurt in 1997 and XETRA in 2000.  These three de-listed on June 22 2005 when the company went private. After a period as a private company there were two listings on the NYSE on Aug 10 2010: Manchester United CL.A (87312Q) (Major Security = Yes) and Manchester United CL.B (87407C) (Major Security = No).

Need More Information

BloombergBloomberg Professional is excellent giving access to lots of information on the company and its IPO. A predictive search for “manchester united” gives easy access to the current NYSE listing and previous LSE listing. Bloomberg also provide lots of business news on the IPO.

Datastream does not give access to information on the IPO. You can get the IPO prospectus, and any other filings documents, from PI Navigator, and financial information on the IPO from Thomson One Banker.

For balance – Manchester City Football Club is a private company, a subsidiary of Manchester City Limited, wholly owned by HH SHEIKH MANSOUR BIN ZAYED AL NAHYAN. [From FAME database for all UK companies, public and private]

Regulatory News Announcement from Carnival

At 07.00 AM on Mon 16th Jan 2012 Carnival Corporation and plc issued a “Required Announcement on Financial Impact of Costa Cordia“.

“At this time, our priority is the safety of our passengers and crew,” said
Micky Arison, Carnival Corporation & plc chairman and CEO. “We are deeply
saddened by this tragic event and our hearts go out to everyone affected by the
grounding of the Costa Concordia and especially to the families and loved ones
of those who lost their lives. They will remain in our thoughts and prayers,”

The announcement then provided information in accordance with financial disclosure regulations. The full text of the announcement is available on Bloomberg and several other business databases.

”]Carnival Price Graph 16 Jan 2010Bloomberg
If on Monday 16th you want to see how the market reacts to the Costa Concordia tragedy, then Bloomberg is the best database. It provides an integrated view covering the news and the Carnival share price (price down and an increase in trading volumes), and the news is the most read story of the day.

If you don’t have access to Bloomberg the announcement is also available on the business news database Factiva. Select Companies/Markets, lookup company Carnival Plc, and the select Press Releases from the news options. (You can also do a Factiva text search, but you either have to read through many results of spend some time constructing an effective search. Company = Carnival Plc AND Source = Publication: Wires AND Free Text = “announcement” worked for me.)

Thomson One Banker
Thomson One Banker has lots of financial market information but almost all numbers (at least in our subscription). However you can get the regulatory announcement so long as you know to lookup Carnival and  goto Recent News at the foot of the Thomson Overview Report- see screencast

PI Navigator
PI Navigator is the easiest database for going straight to the regulatory annoncement. You just lookup Carnival Plc and search. However, because PI Navigator only covers the regulatory news and regulatory filings of companies, you have to use another database for additional news or financial market information.

Previous post on business news: How Business News can enhance your Research

Company Financial Analysis (Global Companies)

18 October 2011 7 comments

The library has a number of useful resources for the financial analysis of public companies (companies quoted on a stock exchange).

Company Accounts

Thomson ReutersThomson Reuters’ Worldscope database provides historical accounting data – balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement. It is available through Thomson One Banker and DatastreamBloomberg also has accounting data – command FA (Financial Analysis).

BloombergThomson One BankerDatastream and Bloomberg can also provide data on a company’s financial market performance – e.g. historical shares prices and returns, and corresponding data for market indices.

Company Filings (including Annual Reports)

Company Filings are available on PI NavigatorThomson Research, and Bloomberg. (Recent company reports are usually available direct from the company website.)

Analysts Reports

Analyst/Broker reports are available from Thomson Research and Bloomberg (command BRC).

Company News

Factiva from Dow Jones is a extensive online news database covering a wide range of sources. (See How Business News can enhance you research for more details.) Bloomberg also provides a wide range of company, financial market and economic news.

For further tips: use tags below to find other posts on these databases, and look at  the How to research … guides,