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Getting started with SDC Platinum: videos from Thomson Reuters

21 March 2016 Leave a comment
Screenshot of SDC training video from Thomson Reuters

Screenshot of SDC getting started video from Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters provide a series of screencast “getting started” training sessions for their products. In the past, we have highlighted these for Datastream and Thomson ONE. Today, it is the turn of SDC Platinum.

This course covers the following topics:

  • Introduction (1:13)
  • Setting up Your Search Criteria (5:05)
  • Output Your Search Results as a League Table (2:17)
  • Output Your Results as a Report (1:47)
  • Output Your Results as an Analysis (2:27)
  • Saving and Printing Your Output (1:21)
  • Accessing the Standard Search Sessions (2:46)
  • Defining Your Search Criteria Using a Standard Search (3:21)
  • Editing an Existing League Table, Report, or Analysis (4:04)
  • Creating a Custom Report (3:08)
  • Creating a Custom Analysis (3:01)
  • Change Your Default Output to Excel (0:55)
  • Accessing SDC Customer Support (1:43)

You will need to use your University email address when you start the SDC getting started session.


How to book the specialist database PCs at Precinct Library

27 November 2015 Leave a comment

The specialist financial databases are mostly available online via the library website. For Bloomberg, Datastream, SDC Platinum and Thomson Reuters Spreadsheet Link, you will need to come to the Finance Zone or the Precinct Library and log into one of our dedicated PCs.

The Finance Zone is available whenever there is no training session on (check the signs by the doors). The Precinct Library has specialist PCs that students can book via My Manchester. See the screens below which take you through the process. (Special thanks to the student who let me take these screenshots!)

My Manchester

Start by visiting My Manchester and logging in with your University username and password.

My Manchester: Library Study Spaces

Click on ‘My Library’ > ‘Library Study Spaces’ > ‘Book a study space’

My Manchester: book

Choose ‘Precinct Library’ and the date you wish. Choose the time slots you need then Confirm.

My Manchester: confirm

Finally, confirm your booking.