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Facebook IPO

Today is the Facebook IPO (Initial Public Offering) on the US NASDAQ exchange. Facebook has gone from being a private to a public company offering 421.23 Million shares at $38.00 each.

BloombergInformation available on Bloomberg includes:

  • FB US Equity – Bloomberg Ticker, US30303M1027 – ISIN, 30303M102 – CUSIP, B7TL820 US – SEDOL1, company identifiers from DES (Description)
  • GIP (Tick Price Chart) – intra day price chart (at time of writing high $45.00, low $38.00, and average $39.93)
  • SEC Form S-1 (Registration Statement) filed 1 Feb 2012 and other filings with the SEC (regulator) – Bloomberg function CF (Company Filings)
  • Analysts research (BRC) and estimates (EE)
  • and lots and lots of news on Facebook and its IPO

The Bloomberg IPO function shows that Facebook as by far the largest IPO this year.

If you want details of Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook shares you need to look at the class-B shares – use Bloomberg’s MSH (Multiple Share Holdings) function.

Thomson ReutersThomson Research has 11 analysts reports on Facebook. (See Thompson Research Tips )

Thomson One Banker has details of the Facebook IPO in its deals module (see Deals information from Thomson One Banker ) and financials and financial market info in its company analysis module. [FB-O -TOB Ticker, C901820175- TOB key, 30303M102 – CUSIP, B7TL820 – SEDOL]

ValuationFor  informed comment on the valuation of Facebook see Facebook and “Field of Dreams”: Hoodies, Hubris and Hoopla from Aswath Damodaran’s Musings on Markets blog.

Executive pay

Executive pay has been much in the news recently. For example, Robert Peston’s blog post – Is it curtains for big executive pay (8 May 2012).

Public companies provide details of their director’s pay in their annual reports, but this is not available in all databases providing company accounts data. Two of our specialist databases that do include information on executive pay are Thomson One Banker and Bloomberg.

Using the Thomson One Banker web interface, select the Thomson Overview report in the Company Analysis module.

Thomson One Banker – executive information (click to expand)

Selecting the Key Executives link in the Thomson Overview Report will give a fuller list of executives with more detailed information.

Executives example (click to expand)

Select an individual to get more detail including compensation  (basic pay/salary, bonus, long-term incentives)

In Bloomberg the function MGMT will give you details of your selected companies management structure. Selecting one of the tabs (Executives, Board, Committees, Changes) and then selecting an individual will give their details including compensation (pay).

In Bloomberg you can also use the BIO function to search for an executive by name.

Overall Bloomberg has a better user interface for finding and browsing information about executives, but you do need to be at one of the Bloomberg PCs in the Eddie Davies Library or the Precinct Library.

Regulatory News Announcement from Carnival

At 07.00 AM on Mon 16th Jan 2012 Carnival Corporation and plc issued a “Required Announcement on Financial Impact of Costa Cordia“.

“At this time, our priority is the safety of our passengers and crew,” said
Micky Arison, Carnival Corporation & plc chairman and CEO. “We are deeply
saddened by this tragic event and our hearts go out to everyone affected by the
grounding of the Costa Concordia and especially to the families and loved ones
of those who lost their lives. They will remain in our thoughts and prayers,”

The announcement then provided information in accordance with financial disclosure regulations. The full text of the announcement is available on Bloomberg and several other business databases.

”]Carnival Price Graph 16 Jan 2010Bloomberg
If on Monday 16th you want to see how the market reacts to the Costa Concordia tragedy, then Bloomberg is the best database. It provides an integrated view covering the news and the Carnival share price (price down and an increase in trading volumes), and the news is the most read story of the day.

If you don’t have access to Bloomberg the announcement is also available on the business news database Factiva. Select Companies/Markets, lookup company Carnival Plc, and the select Press Releases from the news options. (You can also do a Factiva text search, but you either have to read through many results of spend some time constructing an effective search. Company = Carnival Plc AND Source = Publication: Wires AND Free Text = “announcement” worked for me.)

Thomson One Banker
Thomson One Banker has lots of financial market information but almost all numbers (at least in our subscription). However you can get the regulatory announcement so long as you know to lookup Carnival and  goto Recent News at the foot of the Thomson Overview Report- see screencast

PI Navigator
PI Navigator is the easiest database for going straight to the regulatory annoncement. You just lookup Carnival Plc and search. However, because PI Navigator only covers the regulatory news and regulatory filings of companies, you have to use another database for additional news or financial market information.

Previous post on business news: How Business News can enhance your Research

FTSE 100 – changes in 2011

4 January 2012 1 comment
FTSE 100 Return in 2011

FTSE 100 Return in 2011 (Bloomberg UKX TRAX) – click to enlarge

The FTSE 100 index declined just over 5% in 2011, starting the year at 5899.94 and finishing at 5572.82.

However FTSE 100 performance is not just based on the 102 shares that made up the index on 01 Jan 2011. There was several changes of the FTSE100 membership in 2011:

In summary, we have shares entering and leaving the FTSE 100 due to natural growth or decline, new listings of large companies displacing others, and one company (Autonomy Corporation) leaving due to a takeover.

The FTSE UK Index Reviews are available online along with the changes related to specific companies

You can identify FTSE 100 index changes from the lists of members/constituents at different times using Thomson One Banker ,  Datastream or Bloomberg – see previous post Historical Index constituents for details.

Mergers and Acquisitions databases

3 November 2011 4 comments

For Mergers and Acquisitions information:

  • Bloomberg has the easiest to use interface and excellent linking with news and company information
  • Thomson One Banker (deals module) has a web interface and is well respected in industry as a source of summary tables about deal activity
  • SDC Platinum is old fashioned but well regarded by researcher for its ability to provide data on hundreds of M&A deals in a single request.

Additional resources:

Related posts related to mergers and acquisitions (including previous Researching Mergers and Acquisitions )

Company Financial Analysis (Global Companies)

18 October 2011 7 comments

The library has a number of useful resources for the financial analysis of public companies (companies quoted on a stock exchange).

Company Accounts

Thomson ReutersThomson Reuters’ Worldscope database provides historical accounting data – balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement. It is available through Thomson One Banker and DatastreamBloomberg also has accounting data – command FA (Financial Analysis).

BloombergThomson One BankerDatastream and Bloomberg can also provide data on a company’s financial market performance – e.g. historical shares prices and returns, and corresponding data for market indices.

Company Filings (including Annual Reports)

Company Filings are available on PI NavigatorThomson Research, and Bloomberg. (Recent company reports are usually available direct from the company website.)

Analysts Reports

Analyst/Broker reports are available from Thomson Research and Bloomberg (command BRC).

Company News

Factiva from Dow Jones is a extensive online news database covering a wide range of sources. (See How Business News can enhance you research for more details.) Bloomberg also provides a wide range of company, financial market and economic news.

For further tips: use tags below to find other posts on these databases, and look at  the How to research … guides,

Datastream, Worldscope and Units

18 August 2011 4 comments

What are the units in Datastream for the accounting variables, e.g. total assets, net debt, EBITDA?

Thomson ReutersThe accounting variables in Datastream are from Worldscope and despite a long detailed Worldscope Data Definitions Guide there is no detail about units.  The answer from the Thomson Reuters helpdesk is as follows:

  • Most of the accounting data from Worldscope to Datastream is in thousands.
  • Per share data & number of employees are available in actual.

Note that this is specific to the Worldscope in Datastream:

  1.  The variable/datatype Market Value (MV) is in millions, while the similar Worldscope variable Market Capitalization (WC08001) is in thousands (and an annual rather than a daily figure).
  2. Using Thomson One Banker to get Worldscope data the default unit (scaling factor) is millions, though this can be changed or you can explicitly request the details by asking for WS.TotalAssets.ScalingFactor or WS.TotalAssets.ScalingFactorText (see Excel examples below).

Adding #U to a datatype will often give the units:

  • MV#U gives 1000000 as Market Value (MV) is in millions
  • P#U gives 0.01 for UK shares as these are quoted in pence, 1 for US shares/stocks as these are quoted in dollars

Thanks to Aberconway Library blog (Cardiff Business School) for this – Finding the scale of datatypes within Datastream (posted July 2012)

For more information see: