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From specialist databases to business literature, Business Research Plus provides advice and tips based on the MBS library service resources and expertise.  See our About page for more details.

  • Library Research Plus provides expert insight from The University of Manchester Library’s Research Services for researchers in all disciplines including business.
  • My Learning Essentials, the Library’s award-winning skills progamme includes online resources with a wealth of useful tips on searching, referencing, writing to support personal and professional development.

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Translating CRSP/Compustat company IDs to Datastream IDs

Use WRDS to convert any permno or gvkey to a cusip.
For example, using CCM Security Monthly and eliminating duplicates.

A cusip should be 9 digits and can be converted to a Datastream local code by adding a U at the front and dropping the final check digit.
260543103 (cusip) goes to U2654310 (DS local code).

(Datastream local codes can be used create a Datastream list.)

If the cusip is less than 9 digits the leading 0’s could be missing, and need to be added.
7525108 (cusip) goes to U00752510 (DS local code)
A 6-digit cusip usually indicates a company and 10 is added to give the primary listing.

Converting via a ticker is also possible but seems to be less reliable.

For a cusip 7525108, in Excel cell A2
=CONCATENATE(“0000″,A2) – in B2 adds leading zeros
=RIGHT(B2,9) – in C2 trims to 9 characters
=CONCATENATE(“U”,C2) – in D2 adds leading U
=LEFT(D2,9) – in E2 drops final checkdigit, giving DS local code.

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

There are a variety of sources on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), including:

  • Passport provides annual FDI data dating back to 1977 (inflows, outflows, inward/outward stocks and FDI Intensity) for over 200 countries (data will vary from country to country)
    Use the Search, Menu Search option (listed under Economies and Finance)
  • OECD (International Direct Investment Statistics dataset) provides annual FDI data (inflows, outflows, inward/outward positions) for OECD member countries by country/sector dating back to 1985.
  • The World Bank World Development Indicators provides annual FDI Data (net inflows/outflows, Balance of Payments (BOP), and %GDP) for approximately 200 countries (coverage will vary from country to country)
  • UK Data Service provides access to various datasets from international government agencies.

Where can I find bond credit ratings for a particular company?

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Bond credit ratings are available from several of the databases we subscribe to.


For S&P, Moody and Fitch ratings on bond issues, use Thomson ONE.com. You can look for one company at a time.

Bonds deals in ThomsonONE.com

ThomsonONE.com: 1 Select company. 2 Choose Company Views > Deals. 3 Change filter to Product: Bonds. 4 Scroll to Deal Statistics.

Alternatively use Screening & Analsysis to look for multiple companies. Include datatypes SP, MDY, FITCH (all have descriptions Ratings…) in your report.

Bonds deals analysis - ThomsonONE.com

ThomsonONE.com: Go to Screening & Analysis > Deals & League Tables > Bonds > Advanced Search. Build your search and add

Thomson Research

Fitch ratings are available on Thomson Research. Select Fitch Ratings as contributor.

Thomson Research Fitch Reports

Thomson Research: search for Contributor: Fitch Reports.

Factiva Moody's reportsFactiva

Moody’s Investors Service reports are available on Factiva. Search for Moody as source, with company name or upgrade/downgrade in text.


As with Thomson ONE.com, credit ratings are available on Datastream by searching for a company’s bonds and then selecting the relevant datatypes. A similar approach can be taken with Capital IQ.

Note: What is a Corporate Credit rating?

Constituent lists for indices

Where can I find constituent lists for the S&P500 stock index, FTSE100 stock index and other indices?

Current constituent lists:

  • Look at the London Stock Exchange website to see lists of FTSE indices.  Click on an index name and then choose Constituents.
  • Look at the London Stock Exchange website to see selected non-UK indices.  Click on an index name and then choose Constituents.

For additional information on finding current and historical index constituents using Bloomberg and Datastream, see this post on historical index constituents.

Converting an SAS dataset into an Excel file

The Statistical package SAS is often used by researchers who have to deal with very large datasets. It is also used by WRDS (Wharton Research Data Services): a WRDS web query runs a SAS program (using the values on the web form as program parameters) and makes the result dataset available.

For some Eventus web queries on WRDS the results are only available as a SAS dataset. You can convert this to Excel (if it is not too large) using the SAS software.

SAS Export

SAS 9.4 Export wizard

SAS 9.4

  1.     Open the SAS dataset file
  2.     Select File and Export Data
  3.     Follow the SAS Export wizard (Excel is the default)
  4.     Select Finish to start the export
  5.     If the export fails, this is probably due to an incompatability between SAS and Microsoft Office/Excel. The simplest workaround is to use a different format: comma separated values (*.csv), Stata file (*.dta), SPSS file (*.sav) etc.

SAS Enterprise Guide

  •     Open the SAS dataset file
  •     Select File and Export
  •     Select .xls as output format

For detail on converting from SAS to Excel see the 64-bit-gotchas post on The SAS Dummy blog.

SPSS Statistics

If SAS is not available on your PC, you can open a SAS data file in SPSS Statistics and then export to Excel.

Initial Public Offering (IPO)

For Initial Public Offering (IPO) information, including prospectuses, there are many sources, including:

  • PI Navigator
    Include IPO Prospectus in search criteria ( Example )
  • Bloomberg
    • Use Function CF (Company Filings) or CFS (Company Filings) to find prospectus or specific SEC form, e.g. 424B4 Search)
    • Use function IPO to get summary statistics on IPOs worldwide, data on individual IPOs, Bloomberg world IPO indices, and IPO news.
  • The London Stock Exchange provides various statistics including New Issues and IPO Summary spreadsheet.
  • Jay Ritter has an excellent web page of IPO data including data files from the appendices of several IPO papers.
  • The US Securities and Exchange Comission (SEC) has information on company registrations (required prior to IPO on US exchange) (See Researching IPOs on SEC site.)
    Company SEC filings can be accessed through the Search EDGAR facility

Historical rates for UK Government bonds (gilts, treasury bills)

For UK Treasury Bills (3 Months):
From Bank of England website, select Statistics, Interest and Exchange Rates Data, Wholesale interest and discount rates, Treasury Bills (3 month) Sterling, End month – IUMAJNB – Monthly.

Use Datastream

  • Under Economics there is 3 Months Treasury Bills Yield (UKGBILL3) and Gross Redemption Yield on 20 Year Gilts (UKGBOND.)
  • Under Interest rates there is UK Treasury Bill Tender 1M (UKTBT1M) and UK Treasury Bill Tender 3M (UKTBTND)
  • Under Bonds and convertibles search using gilt in name
  • Under Bond Indices and CDS there are DS-TR benchmark indices – search for “Datastream Mnemonic starts TRUK” for benchmarks in the UK list LTRUKBMK, or using gilt in name or gilts as market.

Use Bloomberg function BTMM and select UK, or search for a specific rate.

Use Global Financial Database GFDatabase – GFD Filter Search: Country – United Kingdom and Series Type – Treasury Bill Yields or Government Bond Yields

The UK Debt Management Office also provides Gilt Market – Prices and Yields from 1996 and additional Gilt Market Data and Money Market / Treasury Bills Data

See also those posts tagged with risk free rate.


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