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Industry Overview reports from Passport (GMID)

9 October 2013 2 comments

Passport (formerly GMID) from Euromonitor International is an excellent source of industry overview reports. The Passport Industrial Market Reports collection has over 3,000 reports covering 18 countries, including all the G8 countries, Brazil, Russia, India and China.

Passport Industry overview report (click to expand)

Passport Industry overview report (click to expand)

This screenshot shows a section of “Sugar in United Kingdom: ISIC 1542 – Industry Overview, 15 Jan 2013”.

The report includes: market trends, competitive landscape, prospects, industry overview, import and export, and industry attractiveness index. It also includes supply chain information – buyers and suppliers at the industry level.

To search the industry overview reports in Passport (GMID) – login and select Industries then Industrial.

For information information on the reports available browse the Euromonitor International Industrial Markets Research page.

The following video from Chad Boeninger of Ohio University Library is one of several giving advice on using Passport GMID.

Ohio University have a slightly different subscription to Passport GMID so things may be slightly different for University of Manchester users.

Further tips

Chad Boeninger’s tips on using Passport GMID (Ohio University Business Blog)

Other Passport GMID tips (from this blog)


GSK sells Ribena and Lucozade for £1.35bn

14 September 2013 1 comment

Ribena and Lucozade (image from BBC News)

It was recently reported that GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) have sold the Lucozade and Ribena drinks brands to Japanese firm Suntory for £1.35bn.

GSK chose to get rid of the well-known UK brands after deciding to focus on its core pharmaceuticals business.

from Lucozade and Ribena sold to Suntory for £1.35bn (BBC Business News, 9 September 2013).

For background information on the soft drinks market.

KeyNote has

Soft Drinks (Carbonated and Concentrated) Market Update 2012 (19th Edition October 2012, Edited by Leah Tutt)

Note. All KeyNote market research reports are for the UK market.

Passport (formerly GMID) from Euromonitor has a number of report (see screenshot below) including

GlaxoSmithLinke Plc in Soft Drinks (United Kingdom), Local Company Profile 14 Jun 2013

Purchase of Lucozade Takes Suntory Holdings a Step Closer to Becoming A Truly Global Company, CAMI Article 09 Sep 2013

Passport - Ribena related reports (click to expand)

Passport – Ribena related reports (click to expand)

I choose “Ribena” for my searches – as a child I was a big fan

For more information on the deal between GSK and Suntory – search:

GMID now Passport

12 February 2013 1 comment

Global Market Information Database (GMID) from Euromonitor has now been renamed Passport.

At the moment you access Passport (formerly GMID) as before, e.g. from the University of Manchester Library business and management databases page or the databases A to Z list.

Passport from Eurominitor welcome page (click to expand)

Passport from Eurominitor welcome page (click to expand)

When you login you will get this welcome page.
(after confirming acceptance of the terms of use)

Passport is an excellent source of consumer market research reports and data, industry report and general macro economic data.

The most recent enquiry was for the “Retailing in Morocco Euromonitor 2012 report”.

For a quick search you can use the Enter keywords search box at the top right – “retail morocco” gave the results below.

Selecting the title Retailing in Morocco gives direct access to this June 2012 Euromonitor industry overview report – you can convert to a PDF file (25 pages) to download.

For more Passport (formerly GMID) tips:

Passport from Euromonitor - search results (click to expand)

Passport from Euromonitor – search results (click to expand)

Market Research – Personal Banking

28 September 2012 2 comments

Market Research reports are a key resource in business and management research. Very few are freely available on the web so to access these you need to use the library’s market research databases. (Goto the Markets and Sectors section in the Business and Management databases LibGuides page. )

The recent KeyNote report Personal Banking Market Assessment 2012 has been highlighted on the BizResearch blog from London Business School.

Extract for Executive Summary

The banking crisis and the subsequent recession have resulted in the personal banking market receiving a great deal of media attention of late, with little of that attention being positive. The current situation and the negative media attention has given bank customers generally very little confidence in the sector, which has affected the way in which it works.

Full BizResearch post – Personal Banking Market Assessment (21 Sept 2012)

Photo from Flickr: ken teegardin

KeyNote is available to current students and staff at the University of Manchester. To get the report search for “personal banking” or just “banking” (screenshot below).

Keynote – example search “banking” (click to enlarge)

NB. KeyNote covers UK market research only, for other options goto the Markets and Sectors section in the Business and Management databases LibGuides page, or FAQ answer – How can I find info on market research, including market research reports?

Freedonia : The Market Report Collection

The University of Manchester Library is pleased to announce that we’ve obtained access, via a new agreement, to the “Freedonia Market Report Collection”.  

The Freedonia Group is a leading international business research company, founded in 1985, that publishes more than 100 industry research studies annually. Their industry analysis provides an unbiased outlook and a reliable assessment of a range of sectors and includes product and market forecasts, industry trends, threats and opportunities, competitive strategies, market share determinations and company profiles.

 More than 90% of the industrial companies in the Fortune 500 use Freedonia research to help with their strategic planning. Each 18 – 25 page report provides insight to and analysis of over 700 business and industry topics. 

We asked you to complete our Freedonia survey and take a look at the database to let us know your view of this innovative and fresh Market Research tool.  Thanks again to all who took part.

Findings demonstrated that 70% of respondents stated that “Freedonia” provided them with the key material/additional data and functionality necessary to their studies/research or teaching.

Every month Freedonia updates or publishes twenty or more reports and makes them available through their database portal.  They can be viewed at any time by selecting “Recently Published” from the navigation menu. You can refine your search by industry, country or region or use the free text option to locate the Focus report you require.You can also select and view reports using a variety of selection criteria using the advanced search function which can be accessed from any page. Access to Freedonia requires no username for off-campus access, however you’ll need to install our VPN software.

We’ll be promoting this new addition to our database stable throughout the summer and would welcome your feedback and input.

Welcome to the world of Freedonia.

Industry reports and statistics

The Bloomberg command is now BI (Bloomberg Industries) and there seems to have been considerable effort on this area of Bloomberg recently. It now covers around 100 industries (some North America only but most global) and additional information available via to Bloomberg help key.
(Previous post – mobile phone industry data on Bloomberg )

GMID from Euromonitor concentrates on consumer goods, but also includes a wide range of country-specific industry reports in Passport Industrial.

Datamonitor industry profiles are available from both Business Source Premier and Thomson Research. ( See post – Industry information from Thomson Research )

When looking for information on an industry consider using market research databases, business news and trade journals.

Welcome to Business Research Plus

27 July 2011 1 comment

Business Research Plus header 2015

From specialist databases to business literature, Business Research Plus provides advice and tips based on The University of Manchester Library Business Data Service resources and expertise.  See our About page for more details.

  • Library Research Plus provides expert insight from The University of Manchester Library’s Research Services for researchers in all disciplines including business.
  • My Learning Essentials, the Library’s award-winning skills progamme includes online resources with a wealth of useful tips on searching, referencing, writing to support personal and professional development.

Exploring our resources – try the Business and Management Resources page (Subject Guides),  scroll down to category or tag cloud in the right-hand column or search this blog (top right). For latest news see @UML_BDS